[spoilers] Alone in the Dark Epilogue investigations [spoilers]

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    Before i will continue, i would like to point out that this threat is dedicated to the lore involving missions from past seasons and archive files specifically mentioned in the "Alone in the Dark Web"-dlc (abbriviated to 'aidw').
    if you havent finished this dlc already, i strongly advice not to read this threat!!!

    because of the disclaimer above, i am not going to use the spoilertags, because it obstructs the readability for the discussion.

    i would have posted this in the "suspected missions threat", but that board has been locked? so i think it should be placed here

    spoilers will start here;

    last warning!!

    during the DLC you might have noticed that the briefing videos showed you a different subtitles then the what the voices are telling you.
    and while each briefing tells you the same thing, each time you get a different agent, identifying themself as agent chambers.
    (i asume only the 'first' agent chambers is the real one, but ill get to that later)

    the most important discovery during this DLC is the debriefing video: you get a very blurry video, where Wheeler(?) sort of explains to you what happened, but if you look closely, you see agent Middipper bending forward to you.

    this lead me to believe Middipper might actually still be alive, despite to what we have been told during opDarkAvalon or a certain archive file.

    yes, at some point you can find this file where it says middipper has died, but if you carefully lead a later report from the b-team, you see only one agent was lost in action, while another three have been moved - that would be a loss of only four agents; while this file reports at least six dead agents, not even counting the removed agents.

    this strikes me as odd; because those files are clearly contradicting.
    another thing that turned up was agent chambers; apparantly she has been removed from active duty as well... so why is she briefing us?
    also, if you found the rhopagroup payrol; look closely at the names...
    there is some named "Alex Chambers" on the list. (alex being an androgenous name, leaves for the possibility that our agent Chambers, might actually be "agent Alex Chambers", from the R&D department from the Rhopagroup: the same people who 'created' the 'Crimson Library'.
    (note that wheeler mentioned Chambers as well, saying she was sorry for what happened to us)

    the further you get into the library, the more conflicting documents will be revealed; a lot of documents you get to see, are different from the ones you got earlier in the game. for instance the files on agent azuro; the number of confirmed kills, his job description, his skill set... even his Spouse is different...
    i suspect we either have gotten a tempered document, when we were finding him a job in venezuela, or the "crimson library" has given us a tempered version and is brainwashing us, to make us paranoid.

    asuming that the crimson library is tempering our perception on these documents, then the only safe documents are those in the first missions; where we get the rhopagroup payrol...
    which already highlights chambers name...
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  2. zaelong

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    some other things that came up while discussing some of the things is the possible origin of the library;
    Wheeler mentioned something about us recognizing a pattern... (i feel stupid, but i dont think i actually did find the pattern.. just a list of 48 digits)

    but to 'keep things short'; wheeler mentioned that she was sorry for what happened to us, and that agent Chambers also was sorry
    i believe they are referring to us getting exposed to the crimson library, on purpose.
    i believe it is able the invade our minds, to 'show us hidden truths' that others dont want us to know, others like the B-group.
    the actual goal of this exposure is possibly some sort of initiation or recruitment method for the rhopagroup....

    i previously mentioned that chambers is/might be involved with rhopa, and before all this it is asumed thora is evil... but what if the rhopagroup got created by 'us', or some agents from our division who noticed something strange was going on. (like suspicious missions given to us or some weird cover ups; apparantly its not unusual that some unauthorised missions were executed like we could see in the 3 mission, or that reports were 'misplaced' like in the barbazon mission)

    i believe that someone has been playing our organisation and uses us to gain some sort of world domination; which is what might have been the start for rhopagroup:
    a new clean organisation created in our shadows, to purge the corruption in our system. Chambers mightve gotten found out, and mightve been framed, so they could get rid of her, causing her to run away.
    how wheeler would be involved in this picture is a mystery, but i think wheeler mightve realised something was off (i mean; wheeler has full access to the archives, of course she will notice that somethings wrong) and mightve been contacted by chambers about rhopagroup.

    i dont know how old rhopa actually is, but because of the payrol you can find; its safe to asume they are here for at least over a year now; which is surprising because their name only popped up around maybe two months ago...

    back to the point; rhopagroup might be trying to recruit new members, because they sense that things are getting nasty soon (see group-B rapport) their use of 'the crimson library' might be because its 'efficient' and a good excuse to expose us to it.
    i mean; anyone would be suspicious if they were just asked to riot against 'dispatch'; they needed the plant the seed of doubt to accomplish this; and because of the hurry they were in, this was the only viable way of doing so, without reason any suspicion.

    as to who created the library; our vision of agent middipper leads me to asume they might have had a hand in this, when they were still working in Micro-C. whether Wheeler had acces to the program, or if middipper wouldve shared it with someone (because they might also have worked with rhopa, is all speculation...and grasping for explanations...)

    another thing that someone pointed out was the lack of SIGIL related documents in during these missions; it was explained to me as SIGIL being a hoax, and actually be a branch of us, used as a distraction and viable way for them to dispose of middipper, who was seen as a threat to their operations (mostly because of middippers paranoid nature)
    this theory might even fit with the file on disbanded projects. (few months after middippers "confirmed" death, project 'branch' was temporarily disbanded; this coincides with operation silverspear, where AMWOG were taken out.
    (these two seem unrelated, but it was speculated some time back, that AMWOG might have been a division in SIGIL; if these speculations hold truth, than that would make it more likely that SIGIL actually was us... something that middipper speculated before they were an actual threat)
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    I love your theories! But I think it's the other way around.

    We know what the crimson library did to the people in Africa. I think when we were in the coma (ie missions 2- 8) that we were experiencing hallucinations and mental trauma from the site and once we pull ourselves out of the coma we are stuck in this are we really out of it mindset, like is the information we uncovered in all of those other archives actually real or was it based on our own paranoia. I mean we all had at some point or another a nagging doubt about this or that. The library just personified that
  4. zaelong

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    Which brings us to the question; were we actually awake at the debriefing or were we still in a coma. And if we were awake; where we really did long unconcious (we know that we were still affected by it because of those red flashes we got)

    And yes, i think the library was designed make us paranoia, but as of yet there is no way to cross referance the found documents to prove/disprove any suspicouns.
    Yes, very few of the files i got my hands on, where the same and some were almost completely altered; but that could be explained both ways; either the library altered the files, or we received tempered files from dispatch.
    Why would dispatch possibly do this? To prevent us from realising what is going on, or to redact some information that we dont need to know; like how agent azuro didnt actually studied finances, but faked he did so he could be placed at a favorable spot.
    It also can be used to make us think better of our collegues

    someone pointed out that the person bending over to us could actually have been agent Wheeler, and not Middipper (a reason for doing this, could have been cheap recycling of resources, instead of recording new materials...)
    @Anashel can you confirm we are actually seeing agent Wheeler? or are we seeing (an hallucination of) agent Middipper
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    Here's my thoughts:

    Given that the audio is on repeat, but the subtitles are different on every briefing going into full-on cross-examination at the end, and the nature of the subtitles, I'm thinking the subtitles are the Crimson Library trying to get into our heads and make us doubt our purpose in order to take over. The tone of questioning is like every prime-time oddball villain (You just suppress what you don't understand!) and the best form of propaganda is to take the facts and make the listener make the conclusions you want.

    As far as the reports being altered, again, I think that's the Library (the library's AI to be exact) using the snippets of reports in our head and the info it has from other reports to mess with us. I wasn't too surprised of the idea that Command wasn't giving us full reports. Intelligence is compartmentalized for very good reasons and it never stopped us from completing our missions.

    While I certainly don't think The Black Watchmen are nominees for sainthood, I haven't seen any of the other organizations offer anything better.
  6. zaelong

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    Well in all fairness; wasnt it middipper who already called for awareness, before this all happened? And look what happened to them; they got "kidnapped" by our so called adversary and "died" before we could rescue them.
    What if they actually still live, abandoned by HQ or maybe even neutralised because they were a possible safety threat for their operations.
    *note that im on the same list as well: if anything were happen to me; what would that tell you about HQ?

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