Something to Keep in Mind While Creating Servers

Discussion in 'Hivemind Servers' started by mujie, Nov 18, 2018.

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    Obviously, the cool thing about Hivemind servers is that you get to create unique concepts with it. But bear in mind that some of these things haven't been done in-game yet. If you want to encrypt something in the technology, then give some sort of hint that it's there. Otherwise, once people have tried all the options they know, they'll give up. Because guessing that there's an encrypted port message is a pretty big leap.

    I'm not saying don't do stuff like that. But you've got to make it reasonable. Don't change any of the puzzles, but give a hint. Or a briefing. Something in the active directory, phones. SFuzzer and URL snapper are extremely useful for giving hints, and hivemind creators should use them.

    People aren't downloading mods, they see every server. And they have no way of knowing whether a server is trying something new or basic. Server creators need to find a way to communicate that they're trying something experimental to players, otherwise they'll just give up.

    Just a thought. Thanks.
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    I think I came across the puzzle you are talking about, and yeah it takes a little lateral thinking but no more than literally anything else the game throws at you. THe hardest part for me was that there seems to be no copy available in the program results, requiring me to take three stabs at getting the message correct.

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