So What's Your Excuse?

Discussion in 'General' started by Gr3ylok, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Gr3ylok

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    For not using Maltego?

    The other day I replied to Sonne's thread "Agent Tools", but I realized I forgot about the most important tool, for me personally that is, and I think it might be worth a post on it's own.

    maltego last.png

    Maltego (+ Casefile)

    It pretty much works the same as we now do in a google-sheet, it's just a lot easier on the eyes.
    Adding new things to your graph is as simple as dragging and dropping.

    maltego zoom.png

    It's not just dragging and dropping tho, Maltego is mostly used for network intelligence gathering, it does scans (transforms) to find if any possible connections, whether they are between a person and a site or an email and a telephone it will try to find them.

    (Probably not important for TBW, but the old vatican-email and Vanessa Baup's (Alpha's) email both seem to have a connection to 108games. The other known emails do not.)

    hfuego baup 108games.png

    The best thing about Maltego when it comes to us agents, is that you can collaborate on the graphs (investigations) without getting in the way of one another, this because Maltego keeps updating the graph live and "organic" between all the collaborators.

    Maltego rosenberg emails.png

    Found this sketchy video on the official Paterva channel, "What is Maltego"

    Anyhoo, if you're interested in collaborating on a graph just drop a reply on this thread I guess or poke me on IRC.
    And if you aren't interested in collaborating, you should download it anyway ;)

    Official site:
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  2. Zekh

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    Sounds really neat, i'm eager to try and use it for the next investigations :)
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