Situation Room - Since When?

Discussion in 'Suspected Missions' started by MERCury, Apr 6, 2015.

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    Interesting. Attempts so far: MorphoMedical, Mihail, MihailBulgakov, morphine, barbituates, eugenics, eugenic, francisgalton, and leconchurdansue.
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    Did the little blue light Nikel mentioned before just go on again? I can't recall to have seen it yesterday - it's in row one, column four (of the active screens, that is); I can't seem to manipulate the screen at all though.

    Screen 3/2 as well now. Is something happening or am I just especially unobservent at the moment?
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  6. Maruca

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    I just noticed them for the first time a day or two ago. But I also wasn't sure if they'd always been there and I was just unobservant, or the game was messing with me. Both seem likely.
  7. Zekh

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    Response from Baup in the Situation Room.
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    Yeah, I saw. So the lights going is a sign for impending activity then?
    Vanessa Baup is that missing Rosenberg employee from before they reopened, right? I really gotta read up on what we know; so far I've been taking it one mission at a time, should really start looking at the bigger picture...
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    Two columns of butterflies in the room

    31/07 near 2AM (GMT) Two extra butterflies
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    00:17:00(Ish) UTC - Two more butterflies added.

    "DaedaIus" was the first to observe these I believe.

    /So what ? Better put it somewhere than keeping it a secret..
    - Zekh /
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    the blue light is now on row 1, column 6

    The timing of live events tends to be Fridays.
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    There is now 2 total blue dots. Row 1, column 6, and Row 3, column 4.
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    If you count the non-butterflies, that is in 24 hrs.
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    In that case. in 4 hours?

    If you just exclude the pillars it could be a calender. 7 days 4 weeks. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, if so. Sorry.

    This doesn't explains the blue dots or the blank screen either.
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    We have a M made of butterflies
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    A M? Code Bleu! Code Bleu!
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    M. Butterfly... another movie reference...
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    It is Morpho Medicals logo, You would have seen this in a previous mission when you ordered supplies.
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    Looks like I fell to a Red Herring. I still like my Version better :p
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    What mobile app?

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