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Discussion in 'General' started by JJBandit, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. JJBandit

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    i wasn't sure where to put this, so i thought i would stick it in general.

    I often play this with my wife on the TV, and often involve my colleagues at work by taking screen shots of the fragments, and a screen shot of the sigil, and ask peeps to see if they can work it out.

    In fact it has worked quite well as a few of them have bought TBW and/or this from it.

    The issue i have in both cases, is that the sigil text is really dark and hard to see. Its great when looking at my screen, but on the TV looking from the sofa, and the screen grabs, its almost too dark to be able to see.

    My suggestion, if possible, would be to have the ability to change the sigil text to another color, or have the ability to make it brighter if/when needed.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!
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  2. Jarobi

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    Thank you for your suggestion JJBandit. Fantastic to hear you have been spreading the word of Ahnayro to your colleagues!

    We will take note of this suggestion to implement in a future patch. Would you prefer a different colour or simply making the sigil brighter?
  3. JJBandit

    JJBandit Active Agent

    I think making it brighter. Or being able to make it brighter would be great. A slider in the options maybe?

    I think an option for a few different colours might be nice. But would risk ruining the colour scheme and dream world atmosphere. So maybe a set 3 or 4 that work.

    But I think a brightness slider would be the best thing. As people can adjust it to their screens.

    I wonder if anyone else has any input?
  4. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    To be honest, I was a little surprised. There is quite a few people who enjoyed playing Ahnayro as a group. Last weekend there was 2 twitch going on, epic.LAN (about 25 peoples) and heychrissa (about 75 peoples) actively brainstorming together on teamspeak, in chat and in the stream to solve the puzzle.

    To maximize the user experience for this style of play, we do have to make some improvement:
    - The Sigil letter on a stream, or a TV as you pointed out, are often too dark.
    - When you get to stage of connecting fragment, it would be beneficial to see all the connections simultaneously so everyone can research them.
    - If I had more budget, I'll add multi-screen stream support (One screen the host can control the sigil and in the other screen he display the clues or the sigil) or a mutliplayer support (the host control the final input and the participant submit potential answer)

    Good news is, point 1 and 2 can easily be done. I'll see if I can put that in the upcoming Table 2 update.
  5. JJBandit

    JJBandit Active Agent

    Thats great on point 1 & 2.! Thanks. I think it would certainly help.

    And yeah, I hadn;t even thought about point 3, but its a great idea! That would enable mini events where teams could live stream, and race to solve puzzle or something. which could be pretty awesome!

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