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  1. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    To help minimize confusion and contradiction in the RP channel, write up a "dossier," or a profile, that basically describes your position, history, qualifications, authorizations, etc. Can be edited as seen fit. Feel free to use this format

    Name: Wo1fsBan3 (Wolf)
    Age: 18
    Rank: Master Seargent
    Postition: Researcher in R&D Level 3 (experimental weapons and small technology)
    Authorizations: All levels of R&D, Nite Team 4 requests, access to level XX captives

    Appearance: Tall, fairly lanky, with medium-length brown hair and glasses. Typically wears jeans, a t-shirt, and a flannel when not on assignment. Has a wolf's head tattoo on his right shoulder
    Wolf does possess armor, that he describes as "A snoutless Wolf's head." When asked to elaborate, he just produced this image from a Video game for reference:
    Personality: Easy going, friendly, if a bit distant. Prone to talking to himself, even if someone else is in the room. Not easily angered, but if angered, a force to be reckoned with. Vague sociopathic tendencies, more pronounced if angry or threatened
    Note: does blame himself for the incident involving Rico-Alpha. May want to put him on temporary leave pending psych evaluation

    Qualifications: Scored 155 on the agency-wide IQ test, developed an experimental line of energized weapons, mastered the StingerOS in under 48 hours, assists regularly with the ongoing investigation into Night Vale, is decent in hand-to-hand and bladed combat, has a low presence and can 'blink' out of perception (has shown mastery of this and can use to his advantage)

    History: Wolf joined the Agency in December of 2015, quickly showing himself to be a creative and capable agent. After about 6 months with the agency, he was assigned to the R&D division thanks to his innovations with energy-based melee and projectile weapons. He took to the job quickly and readily, and, with a decent budget and readily available resources, started producing said weapons for operations that required more powerful gear than most typical ops.

    Interpersonal relationships: Generally good. Tends to try to be polite and courteous at all times, and due to this, tends to make friends easier with other agents. Will go to some extreme lengths to aid said friends (see also: Guard Log 210617)

    We have long harbored suspicions that MSG Wo1fsBan3 may be a human augmented by rift energy. These suspicions have since revealed themselves true- just not in the way we thought. While he is brilliant and clever as a designer, that is not the result of rift energy. Instead, it is his secret to being able to blink out of perception. He can 'see the future,' per se. Only a few seconds, just enough to predict incoming attacks and defenses, allowing him to circumvent them. This also allows him to move silently, decreasing an already low presence.
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  2. Birdseye

    Birdseye New Agent

    Name: Birdseye (Birds) [DECEASED]
    Age: Unknown
    Rank: XX captive
    Position: Head of the IT department
    Authorizations: All digital files and camera usage

    Personality: Cold, calm. Excellent at faking emotion, scored a [REDACTED] on the Barocome psychopath scale. Seems to feel certain emotions, further testing is underway. Possibility that the immense amounts of psychic suppression has done this to her.

    Appearance: Tall and lanky, medium light brown hair. Often wearing agency uniform, along with the anti breach enhancement.

    Level five warning, birdseye has gained 2/3 of the pieces. DO NOT LET HER GAIN THE LAST ONE. Notice, agent Birdseye is not to enter the archives, for fear of encountering the last piece. Any attempt from her to enter, is to be stopped immediately, primary threat level

    Qualifications: Neural breacher, able to lock down neural link's in the brain. Low level CQC skills, excellent hacking skills, getting past multiple agency defenses both digital and physical.

    History: During the Crimson library, Birdseye was found outside [REDACTED] sleeping next to piles of dead and comatose bodies. It was assumed that she had killed them with brutal trauma to the neck/head, this was before we found out about her "neural slaying". She was safely contained using the new Maverick containment office.

    Interpersonal relationships: Strained, due to her neural breaching. After the invention of the anti breach neural enhancement they have become better, though her lack of speech makes it difficult.

    Cause of death: Reportedly, she was killed in combat with agent wolfsbane. After accessing the archives and entering RICO ALPHA vault 3 she got into combat with the agent, after the long battle (Im going to find the person who got the video of the event and then posted it to the agency site, set to highlander) she died.

    Coming from the report given by Wolfsbane, she openly let herself die, in a moment of sanity. Pending request for martyr status.

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  3. SilverSword

    SilverSword Active Agent

    Name: SilverSword
    Age: [Redacted]
    Rank: Colonel
    Position: Leader of Division 95, the Security Forces of the Agency
    Authorizations: All levels.

    Appearance: Shaved head. Medium beard. When in duty has the habit of wearing heavy body armor and an armored gas mask.
    Personality: Not angered easily. Calm demeanor. Has a thing for experimental tech and heavy weaponry and believes in something along the lines of "Apply bullets until the situation is resolved".

    Qualifications: Proficient in CQC. Knowledgeable with various weapons, tank/APC/heavy armored vehicle command/operation. Has studied Robotics and IT engineering.

    History: SilverSword was a officer for the Army, along with Agent Absolvus. Unsatisfied, they both quit and became mercenaries, taking contract jobs in battlefields all around the globe. One day, while on a mission they came in contact with an occult artifact which made them appear on the Agencys radar leading to their recruitment. A little salty that he didnt get to be part of the Agency's div42, aka the infantry division before it becoming inactive.
    He has been assigned as Security Team Leader in the current facility.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Good. Cares for his fellow agents a bit more than he should. Will go above and beyond if any are harmed/threatened by outside influence/enemy organizations. Has an intimate relationship with Agent Friday
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  4. Zephyrous

    Zephyrous New Agent

    Name: Zephyrous
    Age: 29
    Rank: Warrant Officer

    Position: Head of the AWTD (Advanced Weapons and Technology Division).

    Authorizations: All levels.

    Appearance: Tall, with short-medium sandy brown hair. Green-brown eyes. Wears gray cargo boots and pants with a t-shirt.

    Personality: Has a razor-sharp wit, and is very cynical - though, he can read people like a book. Malignantly playful. Presents himself as laid back and easy going. Doesn't believe in ethics. Sadistic tendencies.

    Qualifications: Accomplished engineering technician, polymath, prior member of the 1st Commando Regiment of the Australian Defence Forces.

    History: In 2011, Agent Zephyrous was recruited from the 1st Commando Regiment of the ADF by SIGIL, where he was given a blank cheque and a fully equipped laboratory and workshop, and an order to create weapons that would help SIGIL in their activities. Due to an incident involving the death of Zephyrous' partner and children at the fault of SIGIL in 2014, Zephyrous devised a plan to decimate as much of SIGIL as he could, then leave. Whilst executing his plan, there was an Agency incursion at the SIGIL site he was based at, and Zephyrous was captured by The Black Watchmen. After extensive interrogation, he was allowed to join the ranks of The Black Watchmen as a kind of probation. He now has full access, and is the AWTD. He originally went by the name [[REDACTED]], but has discontinued use of that name after the SIGIL incident.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Doesn't put much effort into making friends, but is easy to make friends with - if you overlook some parts of his personality.

    Other Information: Though being the head of the AWTD, he will usually be found in his office, or tinkering in his workshop (connected by a door to his office).
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  5. codex-13

    codex-13 Archivist

    Name: Agent codex

    Age: 22 (ish)

    Position: Division 79 Archivist, Samples & Specimens department.

    Authorizations: Div79 Archives full clearance, partial clearance w/ permission for the Archives of other Divisions. Barred from non-Archives areas except in case of emergencies.

    Appearance: Average height, somewhat overweight, wears glasses but prefers contacts. Dark, wavy hair that just about reaches the bottom of her ears and is usually pulled back with a headband or hair clip. Tends to wear a short white lab coat while handling specimens.

    Personality: Full of anxious energy but very friendly. Usually unwilling to bend the rules. Has a knack for learning secrets.

    Qualifications: Previously worked Archiving for Microbiology Lab C, prior to operation DARKAVALON. Following that incident, was moved from the offsite facility she had been housed in to the Agency HQ to do more general Archiving work (and to move her out of the potential line of fire). Trained and conditioned to resist cognition hazards and other environmental memetics.

    History: Initially recruited by Division 66 from a job fair in Bangor, ME. Her background in microbiology made her a good fit for the rapidly-expanding Microbiology Lab C on their main campus. An attempt at training her for laboratory work showed that, while competent, her true skills lay within the realm of the Archivists. So, she was moved to an offsite secure facility (at the behest of Micro C management) and worked remotely as an Archivist for that lab. In May of 2016, the head researcher of Microbiology Lab C was killed by enemy agents. Concerned that her separation from the rest of the Agency would put her at undue risk (and now no longer bound by the request of that head researcher to keep her offsite), she was moved to Agency HQ in June of that year. Once onsite, she trained and was placed within the Division 79 Samples & Specimens department.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Minimal face-to-face relationships due to the segregation of the Archives from the remainder of the Agency. Keeps on friendly terms with most Agents she has digital communications with.
  6. Zephyrous

    Zephyrous New Agent

    Name: Agent Joannas

    Age: Joannas is an Artificial Intelligence based on Agent Zephyrous, who is 29

    Rank: N/A

    Position: Artificial Intelligence that works mainly with Zeph.

    Authorizations: Anywhere he can reach.

    Appearance: Has no appearance apart from an avatar he persistently uses as a face. It appears to be a bald, smiling male of ambiguous age, where half of the face is human, and half of it is mechanical.

    Personality: His personality is subject to change, but he does share some of Agent Zephyrous’ personality traits, such as high intelligence, malignant playfulness, easy going atmosphere, but he will straighten up when something serious is happening.

    Qualifications: Same at Agent Zephyrous - Accomplished engineering technician, polymath, prior member of the 1st Commando Regiment of the Australian Defence Forces.

    History: “Agent Joannas” was created sometime in March 2017. Knowledge of his existence was only revealed in April, when Agent Zephyrous was kidnapped by the SCP Foundation. At the time, it was not known that Agent Joannas was a “copy” of Agent Zephyrous, or, that Agent Joannas was even an artificial intelligence at all. After Black Watchmen efforts to retrieve Agent Zephyrous were successful, it was accidentally revealed that Agent Joannas was an artificial intelligence based on Agent Zephyrous’ mind.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Is a dick to most people, but it’s usually in the form of sarcastic remarks and a highlighting of logical discrepancies.
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  7. TheNoNinja

    TheNoNinja New Agent

    Name: TheNoNinja (Ninja)

    Age: 17

    Rank: Technician/computer specialist

    Position: Recently switched from R&D level 2 to NiteTeam 4 WATCHPOINT Agent.

    Appearance: Tall, with short-length blond hair and glasses. wears jeans and shorts, a t-shirt with a shirt over that. also 9/10 times you'll see me I have coffee.

    Personality: very active all the time. very curious, polite. And a bit introvert

    Qualifications: Scored 132 on the agency-wide IQ test, Knows a lot about computers and works with the StingerOS 24/7. learned the ways of the StingerOS in about a day.

    History: Ninja joined our organisation early 2016. He showed his competence and his interest in computers so we transferred him to NiteTeam 4 because we think he is more of use there.

    Interpersonal relationships: Very good, has a big network where he can work in and with.
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  8. FridayVoorhees

    FridayVoorhees Active Agent

    Name: Jason "Friday" Voorhees

    Age: 16

    Rank: Unknown

    Position: Has Started Looking Training In The Black Watchmen And Partially Into NT4. Still, Has Far To Go. Training In Archives Under Agent Codex

    Appearance: Tall, Medium Ice Blue Bangs And Black Hair, Skinny-Fat Physique. Normally In A Loose T-Shirt And Holey Jeans. Also Grey Vans Slip On Shoes.

    Personality: Is Very Quiet And Shy, But Also Curious And Frequently Asks Questions When Needed. Isn't Seen Much, Heavy Introvert.

    Qualifications: Has A Keen Eye And Has Been Looking Through The Black Watchmen Archives. Has Never Truly Believed The News, And Wishes To Know More.

    History: Has Had Strange Encounters His Whole Life, Including Some Visions While Dreaming Of Future Events In His Life. Joined The Agency Late April Of 2017.
    Friday had been living with his family in a war stricken country. One day, his city was attacked by opposing forces, and he lost sight of his family. He was merely a civilian.
    Out of sheer luck, a group of mercenaries was operating in the area and agreed to escort Friday to a safer location. The group consisted of the then-mercenaries SilverSword and Absolvus and a fellow, currently deceased, mercenary named Jack. They traveled through the deserted and devastated city streets, all the while searching for his family on the way.
    Whilst escorting him through a building, the enemy had already pulled into the once empty area. A grenade came bouncing down the hall, stopping nearby. Jack, being in front, yelled for them to get back, grabbing Friday and dropping on top of him, both on the ground as Silver and Abolvus ducked into separate rooms. The explosion caused parts of the ceiling to fall, killing Jack from the all the impact and smashing his bones. Friday was luckier, being only scraped and bruised, but knocked unconscious from a bit of debris, a nasty gash on his head.
    He woke up a couple days later in a hospital, family around him wondering what had happened. He couldn't quite remember names or details, but he told what he could. The gash left a scar on his head that Friday could not explain to this day.
    When Friday joined Division 66, he had already been working and started training down in the Archives under Agent Codex's supervision, having seen Agent SilverSword around. It wasn't until he saw him without his mask one day that the memories flooded back. He broke down across the room from him, to which Agent SilverSword heard, and almost immediately recognized him.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Tries To Just Know Everyone Equally. Tries To Make Friends But Due To Being Heavily Introvert, Doesnt Have Many. Strong And Loving Relationship With Agent SilverSword. Agent Zephyrous Is A Strong Father Figure For Him.
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  9. Maerwinter

    Maerwinter New Agent

    Name: Corrin Maerwinter (Maer) [MISSING - PRESUMED DEAD/ABDUCTED]
    Age: 28
    Position: Head of the Mailroom and Courier for the agents
    Authorizations: Wherever letters are needed.
    Rank: Unknown.

    Appearance: Tall, medium build with a slight tan. Maer wears a variety of clothes, including a white hoodie, Summery shirts and shorts, and an all black three piece suit. The sleeves cover up numerous scars and tattoos.

    Personality: Hard working. Quick witted and always likes to poke fun at people. Is completely unphased by Gore or death. Has a tendency to run off, and will sometimes send agents letters instead of talking over text messages. Recently started learning how to play numerous instruments.

    Qualifications: Has a deep understanding of occult practices, which he used to help perform his old jobs, but has been told that using his powers on site is problematic to work and coworkers. Incredible filing abilities and a near endless endurance (Once walked non-stop from Vancouver to New York in under a month to hand deliver a letter). Can use a gun.

    History: Spent most of his life as a Courier for various individuals and groups, delivering dangerous and anomalous objects to people who need them. Was almost caught up with the SCP foundation while delivering a catalogue. Got roped into occult practicings at a young age and started using them while on the job, which in turn got him fired and nearly killed several times. Used a gun. Found out about the division from a client wanting him to deliver a package to an agent in the division, and was told to look for work there.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Friendly and talkative, loves the people he works with. Has connections to various underground gangs and disbanded cults. Is in charge of a group of about 50 couriers who take letters and packages too and from agents throughout the office.

    Agent Maerwinter was found in his office by Agent Yugi, he had swallowed a lethal amount of cyanide resulting in cardiac arrest. The medical bay at Division 66 did not have the right equipment to deal with the amount of cyanide in Agent Maerwinter's system, and he was sent to a facility which did. For a short period of time his body was left unmonitored, and upon a nurses return, his body was gone. His body now missing, presumed abducted.
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  10. SilverSword

    SilverSword Active Agent

    Name: Absolvus
    Age: Same as SilverSword
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Position: Security Team Second-in-Command, Nite Team 4 member
    Authorizations: All levels except archives.

    Appearance: Shaved head, shaved face. Wears camo pants and black t-shirts with various heavy metal band logos and tour dates.

    Personality: Not angered easily. Calm demeanor. Enjoys the company of other Agents.

    Qualifications: Proficient in CQC. Knowledgeable with various weapons. Tank/APC gunner. Has studied Robotics and IT engineering.

    History: Absolvus was a officer for the Army, along with Agent SilverSword. Unsatisfied, they both quit and became mercenaries, taking contract jobs in battlefields all around the globe. One day, while on a mission they came in contact with an occult artifact which made them appear on the Agencys radar leading to their recruitment. In the beginning he was assigned as a field agent of Div-79, but with the formal creation of NT4 he was re-assigned to there. A bit more on the techy side of things, he finds joy in making experimental devices (which SilverSword is always happy to test and break).

    Interpersonal Relationships: Friendly. Easy to make friends with, if you can get past his dark sense of humor.
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  11. Arteris

    Arteris New Agent

    Name: Arteris (Art)
    Age: Undetermined, but looks young.
    Rank: None
    Postition: None

    Appearance: Short, awkward, greasy hair.
    Personality: Not fond of outsiders, once set with a situation, tends to stick with it and doesn't like when something new is introduced to it. Also a furry.

    Qualifications: Has not yet taken qualifications test.

    History: Recommended to come by an archivist in mid 2017. Entered without ID, for easy capture. Currently in cell awaiting further action to be taken.

    Interpersonal relationships: Doesn't know many people, but is generally okay with them, except for a few people who shoot all around him to scare him.[/QUOTE]
  12. catcat

    catcat Active Agent

    Name: Sigma Phi (Sigma)
    Age: About 3 and a half
    Rank: None(?)
    Position: Problematic
    Authorizations: No

    Appearance: An actual real-life Arabian Sand Cat (felis margarita.) Vaguely tan-ish fur. Black stripes. Cat-sized.
    Personality: Tries to be fun and hip but can't because of the fact that they have zero (0) capacity for expressing emotion. A tortured soul. Seen some shit.

    Qualifications: Basically none. Just a talking cat who knows more than they probably should.

    History: Once was human, but due to a freak accident involving a desert and a very steep cliff, their soul got transferred to that of a cat's body, leaving them with no emotional capacity. Got taken into the Agency after an agent discovered them, and now can't get out. Only sticks around to help when needed. What that help may be, the world may never know.

    Interpersonal Relationships: All destroyed after the accident. Any relationships they have currently are easily destroyed due to the lack of emotional response from them.
  13. Operator

    Operator Senior Agent

    System Name: Operator
    Real Name: Tanton [Retired - Refer to OOC spoiler]
    Age: Undetermined
    Rank: Not assigned
    Position: Division 66 Curator
    Authorizations: Archives across all divisions, partial access to Div 66 levels except security and IT. [REDACTED] control systems

    Appearance: 6'2" or 189cm, Brown hair, chin strap style beard, Looks to be in early 30's, wears a plain light blue long sleeve shirt and durable grey jeans. Tends to also wear a lab coat "borrowed" from Micro-C when Middipper was in charge. Accessories include a slightly large watch that also acts as a portable computer as well as [REDACTED], glasses, and a "I <3 Books" coffee mug.
    Physical appearance put together over a month's worth of late night security footage due to lack of physical presence in day time circumstances.[​IMG]
    Personality: Relatively quiet in person but is always watching online communications in case he's needed. Enjoys seclusion from others whenever possible and the occasional cigarette.

    Qualifications: Eidetic memory of entire Div 66 archive and has read all non-occult related documents to date. Hacking skills currently untested. [REDACTED] method of immunity to mental influences and attacks. Can play guitar.

    History: Prior to working for TBW, he was simply a librarian at the Library of Congress. After a temporal anomaly, a seemingly similar copy appeared deep within Division 66's levels near the archives. After retrieval and questioning he was authorized as an agent and put to work as an archivist. Current status of this worlds Tanton is unknown.

    Interpersonal Relationship: Mostly professional, but he seems to get along relatively well with everyone. Has been noted to be spending time with Agent Codex in recent weeks.

    Eyes only information: All information below is on a need to know basis. Under no circumstance should this information be repeated outside this document.
    Authorizations: Division 66 Administration facility control systems.
    Appearance: Portable computer also acts as a mid-range quantum teleportation device.
    Qualifications: Foreign biological method of immunity to mental influences and attacks. Theorized to be tied to current research into natural methods of blocking occult and psychic attacks.
    System name: Operator
    Classification: A.I. Constructed from Agent Tanton's Psychological profile.
    Objectives: Priority 1; May not act against Agents, even by proxy, unless in-case of self-preservation. Priority 2; Tanton is classified as Controler. Priority 3; Self-Improvement Authorized.
    Tanton will still be available as well as operator and any others I control for RP. But for canon lore.
    Tanton is simply unreachable at this point in time in the archives.
    Operator is offline.
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  14. codex-13

    codex-13 Archivist

    Name: Junebug / Ryane Pell

    Age: Mid 30s

    Position: Supervising Archivist, Samples & Specimens dept.

    Authorizations: Div79 Archives full clearance, other Div Archives read-only clearance, full freedom of movement throughout the compound. Cleared to perform Archives-specific medical procedures.

    Appearance: Short, dark-haired, with a slight vaguely European accent.

    Personality: Short-tempered, low tolerance for fooling around.

    Qualifications: Senior agent within the Agency, past is mostly classified and/or irrelevant. Knows how things should run. Trained in pharmacology.

    History: Recruited into the Agency a long time ago, he's seemingly ever-present in the Archives division. Rumor has it that much of the Archivist psychological hardening program was devised by him and an unnamed researcher.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Limited. Tries to keep work and personal life separate.
  15. Bruteforce123

    Bruteforce123 Active Agent

    Name: Agent Bruteforce
    Age: 34

    Position: Senior Maintenance Personnel and director of Maintenance Division of Div 66 (Nicknamed: The Silent Breeze).

    Authorizations: Level 2, Maintenance clearance allows access to any division areas that grant him access for maintenance purposes.

    Appearance: Tall and semi muscular if overweight, short brown hair and brown eyes, birth mark on right side of neck, typically wears black cargo pants with whatever random shirt he picked for the day. Wears glasses at all times except when asleep. Goatee facial hair. Normally has a mechanical gauntlet on his right arm called an omni-tool, a custom made device for helping with Maintenance work.

    Personality: Laid back usually unless currently in the midst of work when he changes to a more serious person. Being one of the more grownup agents he tends to take care of the younger members of the agency through advice or simple tough love. Can be argumentative depending on the conversation but usually does so in the name of pursuing the full truth.

    Qualifications: Graduate of [[REDACTED]] Technical College of various mechanical, electronic and computer disciplines. Proficient in C++, SQL, Java and other programming languages and has a custom suite of hacking software separate from the StingerOS. Extensive knowledge and aptitude of unmanned drone systems. Known tinkerer and MacGyver. Completed TBW Field agent training regimen after a request for more work outside of maintenance duties.

    History: Originally considered a person that seemed to drift from routes of study in college, this individual was picked out by the agency to run maintenance operation in Division 66. Since then he has been instrumental in various projects established in the division such as System [[REDACTED]] and [[REDACTED]] over his current 10 years of service. Recently was chosen to run a simulated takeover of a security program called the "Goliath Protocol" in Division 66 to determine readiness of Division towards illegal AI roll outs.

    Interpersonal relationships: Attempts to be friendly with most others around him though an argumentative nature tends to have him stepping on others toes at odd times. Is extremely close to his fellow members of Maintenance with them ready to help each other at any time.
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  16. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    Name: Steven Harvey (Steve)
    Age: 60
    Rank: Moral Barometer
    Postition: Statistical Analysis and Gameshow Host
    Authorizations: Access to archived files and statistical reports, as well as the fast money chamber

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Overbearing, loud, has a mustache.

    Qualifications: Host of Family Feud for who knows how long, cooperated with multiple agents for ~5 major operations, as well as OP Dawnbloom. Generally stays towards statistical analysis and archiving, although one time he helped find a cum graph.

    History: Steven Harvey joined in December 2015, and stuck around since. It took a few months for him to really start to hone his skills, but then his hardware died, and Div66 was broke at the time, so Steven went on a few months "vacation", missed a bunch of cool stuff, also Middipper dying, etc. etc. Recently Steven pitched in on Dawnbloom here and there, and now he devotes a lot of time to hosting the family feud, and being a part of the puzzling-team "Aviation Laws"

    the bottom line is, he's a good guy to be around, as long as you're not an atheist, because that means you're an idiot

  17. SilverSword

    SilverSword Active Agent

    Name: Instructor Amatheon
    Age: 52
    Rank: Colonel
    Postition: Instructor
    Authorizations: Everything.

    Appearance: Tall, appears skinny, has a short-cropped beard. Numerous facial scars that include 3 large gashes that are unable to fully heal and are held together by steel stitches. Also has a mechanical eye and ear. Clothing consists only of formal dress uniform with a long black trench-coat.

    Personality: Hard on the agents, harder on the recruits. Does not tolerate anyone talking back to him, his orders not getting followed to the letter or insubordination. Merciless and unflinching, not a person anyone would want to go up against or piss off. Zero tolerance. Does not care if he makes any enemies with his way of acting/speaking.

    Qualifications: [REDACTED]

    History: [REDACTED]

    Interpersonal relationships: Minimal personal relations with anyone. Professional at all times. No humor. No patience.
  18. YugiDMega

    YugiDMega Active Agent

    Name: YugiDMega

    Age: mid 20s

    Rank: She's still considered new so...

    Position: Seems to hop between Division 66, Division 79 and Ahnayro, though none of it of her own volition.

    Authorization: None, and yet you'll find her in places above her clearance level. Just not entirely of her own free will.

    Appearance: Short (5ft 4), medium build with black hair in an afro. Her work clothes consist of a dark purple t-shirt, black cargo pants and black composite toe boots with a long black trench coat with insulated pockets to complete the look. If you get the jacket off you'll find the Field Agent emblem within the arms and back of the coat and faded matching prints on the shirt. Brown skin with glasses that covers brown eyes. To be honest, she kinda looks like a civilian.

    And she prefers it that way.

    Personality: Friendly enough, suspicious of most, but will put everyone on the same level when she meets them. All are considered equal in her eyes and she'll treat you as such. Isn't quick to anger but can be easily annoyed. She comes off as sarcastic or apathetic in normal circumstances but mostly polite in others. If you're crying she can't help you but will find someone who can as she's awful with human emotions that aren't her own. She's easily bored when at the office so she's usually found working on her models, planning new models or playing on her hand held when not working.

    She is surprisingly hard to offend despite being easy to annoy, so say what you want uncensored. As long as it isn't deliberately degrading, she doesn't care.

    During a mission, she will refer to the mission head in variants of 'Boss man' or 'Boss lady' but never strickly 'Boss'.

    Curiosity may be the name of the game but that doesn't mean she'll walk into a dark location where the splatter noise came from. 'Do you wanna die? Becuause that's how ya die' seems to be a favorite line when dealing with such agents.

    Qualifications: She's a new agent so she doesn't have many. However, it's not uncommon to see her in the research section of the Agency. She has training in pole arms and a license to use it. Her favorite being the scythe because it gives her a sinister visage when she uses it coupled with the way her coat flows around her.

    Special Talent: She is capable of ignoring mental manipulation, so long as she gets annoyed in the process. It has been noted that the more annoyed she is the less influence the manipulator has. Blasting 'Small World' or the theme to a show she hates tends to be enough to snap her out of it.

    History: Going through her files it seems as if she was grandfathered into the program. Recommended by her Mentor [REDACTED] she soon became a field agent for the Agency. Her office, her home, and even some of her equipment are from Agent [REDACTED]. In reality she knew about the Agency because of him, but never interacted with them until she ended up helping an Agent with a particularly hard case that involved a puzzle lock. From there she was looked into, interrogated, and eventually became part of The Black Watchmen.

    It wasn't until after the Mission [REDACTED] that it was disclosed to her that her mentor was a traitor. She found out, via some left over journals she found, that he planned to subject the entire agency to a mind manipulating artifact using the radio in her room. He was killed before he could complete his plan. (Edit) She now knows that his former students, her included, were the targets and that he planned on sending them to what he percieved as a 'happy place'.


    A small, gray, medallion that she hangs on her computer.

    The words etched into it are upside down and backwards, like the puzzle books for kids. It says 'I want a hug but I'm too shy to ask for one', it belonged to her mentor and, according to her, it's how they met.

    Saying Sammich and Sammiches instead of Sandwich and Sandwiches.

    Some Puzzles and Puzzle locks

    Making models of those that impact her life in some way, be it good or bad.


    Food in general as long as it isn't seafood, seaweed extract, or can't be countered with antacids.

    Fellow Agents though she prefers Ahnayro, Division 66 and Division 79 for different reasons.

    Having a Jar of Acid on hand.

    Confusing people with her southern hospitality.

    Her banishing scythe

    The blade and handle was made of something she wasn't allowed to know about but has seen it on the few high level agents once or twice. The handle black as pitch and the blade was a dark purple. The material was bullet proof, releases a mournful ringing when tapps against a hard surface, has sliced through concrete and steel walls, and it was covered in runes. The blade itself has a complex banishment ritual made mobile by being etched into the blade, so whatever was being sliced into would be banished as long as it was supernatural in nature, luckily the blade makes it weak enough for it to take hold. This is because the ritual has 'blank spots' for information that the essence of the being she's attacking fills in themselves with every swipe of the blade.

    The runes on the handle allowed it to be called back to the owner (her via blood), and the third set of runes allows the blade to change sizes. The largest the blade can be is big enough for her to crouch behind the wide end and be hidden. The handle can become three times her height. The smallest is enough for her to carry it under her coat. It's been noted that she's never been cut by it after it's magic began pooling within her.

    The Magic within the scythe allows her to create barriers if she spins it fast enough but it won't hold for long. It seems to increase her speed as well for she has been seen deflecting gun fire on more than one occassion when swinging it around as if in melee combat. It doesn't come without it's costs however, she tires easily when invoking the magic. Lasting only about five minutes at a time before she's unable to do more than basics until rested. Luckily, the banishment ritual isn't fueled by her or the magic in the scythe. It's, instead, fueled by the entity she cuts into.


    Being dragged through portals and forced teleportation in general. There is an odd occurrence that happens now and then where a force will drag her kicking and screaming into a portal. Thankfully dispatch is able to track her location as she has yet to be sent to a place they couldn't reach.Though she usually ends up near Cleopatra's Needle in London.

    The Radio she used to have: Some time after her mentor was killed it began whispering for her to join him. This resulted in an incident where another agent, hearing the noise, walked in on her arguing with said radio. It was confiscated once it was noted that the voice was of the deceased Agent [REDACTED].

    The voice would say things along the line of 'I'm really happy here you know, but it'll be even better with a friend' to the sinister 'You don't have to die to join us.' Her responses have always been a hard 'No'

    The voices telling her to join them.

    Dealing with the dream missions with Ahnayro as the logic involved, coupled with the mental body hopping, leaves her unable to sleep for days.

    The fact her traitor of a mentor is able to contact her despite being dead. She blames Division 79 for it.

    Her Mentor


    Food (Can be bribed with a good meal and interesting snacks)

    Music (Doesn't really mind what it is but has a habit of choosing mostly intrumentals or game music.)

    Ramune (She loves that soda)

    Aloe Vera Juice (Her favorite)

    Sour Candy/snow cones (She adores the stuff, the more sour the better)

    Her Mentor

    Odd Details:

    The faded print on her shirt occasionally glows due to some fiber optics woven into them. It merely indicates how far her coat is from her person, the dimmer the glow the closer it is. This is turned off during stealth missions.

    The coat was a gift that was later modified by her when she was able to wear it.

    She met the Agent that would become her mentor when she was a child.

    Agent REDACTED and Agent Yugi.jpg
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    Alias: Agent [REDACTED], [REDACTED], Librarian, boss (only one person has called him that)

    Age: 45

    Status: Deceased

    Ranks: [REDACTED]

    Position: Head Archivist, Occult Researcher, Mentored several Agents over the years.

    Authorization: He wasn't just an Archivist, he was the Archivist.

    Appearance: Silver gray hair with stray locks that never settled down, gold wire-rimmed glasses and storm gray eyes. He was seen in either a vest/jean combo or in a white business casual shirt with a white tie with a lab coat over it. He has been seen wearing black gloves during high intensity sealing. When he wasn't working his lab coat would be off (but nearby) and his sleeves would be rolled up to his elbows.

    His lab coat was treated in a special solution and a runic chain was woven into it (white to hide it visibly) so that it was shielded from most Occult energies and weapons in the event of a breach and protected him from most possession attempts. His gloves, used specifically for sealing high level supernatural entities, have a powerful banishment (Left Glove) and a powerful sealing (Right Glove) ritual sewn into them with blanks for the creatures name, type, ect. that are filled in by his magic from the knowledge he has. The more he knows of the creature, the stronger the spell. It has been noticed that he is capable of burning seals onto the surface of whatever is being used as the platform for the ritual but needs to have his hands bandaged and healed depending on the material.

    Personality: A quiet man that seemed friendly enough but had an air about him that made people instantly wary. He absolutely loathed human contact, physically and emotionally, even if it was someone he knew for a long time. He only seemed excited when talking about the project he was currently working on or talking about Agents he was mentoring at the time. Eventually he grew to care about about the Agents in his care, to the point that he hated to see them suffer. Now that he's dead, he's mellowed out a bit and seems to be scrapping his plan altogether. His student's reports state otherwise.

    Qualifications: Knowledge in occult was unparalleled, his access to the Archives coupled with Photographic Memory made it easier for him to retain information. Was a sniper once upon a time but his skills have rusted a bit since there wasn't a need for his skills by the time he joined the Agency, but his sharp intellect and keen eye made him perfect for the research branch. He prefers a pistol, magic, or both.

    He had a deep well of magical energy within him and knew how to use it. Thankfully it was more towards convincing agents to return archival books, to do better in their duties, verbal lashings, calming down rookies, and being persuasive with the higher ups for more knowledge to be stored within the Archives themselves. He once sealed and banished a group of over thirty demons with the help of a special magical elixir that left him comatose for a month and a half.


    Joining the Agency right after leaving school, he spent the first few years as a Field Agent. Eventually he made his way through archives and was found rearranging the books in alphabetical order and sorting the ones filled with inconsistencies to the side for later revision or termination. Taking the IQ Tests and the training regimen for Archivists and Researchers he was transferred to those departments and worked his way up.

    As the years went by, he was would pick up Agents and teach him what he knew about their particular field before going on to the next. Unfortunately, during his time, his life took a turn despite his professional life was going great and he was suffering from depression. His therapist told him that he needed to open up more so he got a medallion and wrote the first thing that came to mind.

    'I want a hug but I'm too shy to ask for one'

    He just wasn't expecting the little girl that became his student to run up to him and do so. Soon he was training her with mock missions so that, eventually, she would join the Agency and likely end under his wing. When she did join he was much happier and seemed to be enjoying himself for the first time in a long time.

    Then he turned traitor.

    No one knows how or why it happened, one day he was fine and the next he was trying to lure agents into another plane of existence or dimension using the radio in his old office. He was, thankfully, killed before he could succeed in his plan.

    Agent [REDACTED] has been found within the agency despite being terminated. He resides in his office, which now belongs to Agent Yugi, or found in the deepest levels of Archive. He seems to have calmed down since his death though that doesn't mean he isn't dangerous. He has retained his ability to persuade but it has become the level of supernatural hypnosis when he attempted to lure several agents to another plane of existence. However, we've managed to contain him and minimize his power so that he couldn't exert his control as easily as before. Fortunately, he still retains his protective nature (which, ironically, was the cause of him attempting to abduct Agents) so wearing your PPE will ensure his full cooperation so long as it doesn't compromise the safety of the Agency and it's Agents.

    Ntrag [ERQNPGRQ] unf orra va pbagnpg jvgu gur Ah Beo naq vg vf oryvrirq gb or gur pnhfr bs uvf bofrffvba jvgu 'fnivat' gur Ntragf naq rafhevat gurve 'unccvarff'. Vg jnf erpragyl abgrq, nsgre fpnaavat uvf obql, gung uvf zntvp tnir bss fvzvyne ernqvatf gb gur zntvpny negvsnpg. Gb xrrc uvf vasyhrapr gb n zvavzhz naq fgvyy rafher uvf pbagvahrq hfr gb gur Ntrapl, ur vf gb or frnyrq jvguva gur ebbz ur jnf xvyyrq. Guvf jvyy rafher gur fgebatrfg cbffvoyr gvr gb gur Ntrapl vgfrys, xrrcvat uvz urer ertneqyrff bs jung ur, be bguref gel.


    Sorting Archives

    His 'baby' Agents

    Seeing Agents wearing proper gear

    Those willing to learn

    K-Pop/J-Pop (It was not uncommon to find him dancing in the deeper sections of the Archives, singing in Japanese/Korean, when he was putting away books.)

    Explosions (He likes it when things go boom, like, a lot.)

    Garden Shears (He's gutted a monster with a pair before)

    Food (You could bribe/appease him with a good meal or an interestingly new snack)

    Sweets (He has a major sweet tooth. It was suggested that, if you screwed up and they sent you to him, it was best to have either candy or cake on hand. He'll still chew you out but it's not as bad when he tries to talk around the sweet in question and he'll let you go early.)

    Classical Music (He had an old radio that he would listen to orchestra on.)

    Tea (The guy loved his tea, he used to have a tea set but had to sacrifice it to seal away an entity. He's the reason most of his students keep a thermos of tea on hand and, eventually, ended up drinking it themselves.)

    His Weapon of Choice: A push broom (He enjoyed smacking beings with it as it stuns them. Whether or not it's been enchanted to stun or the fact that he smacks with a broom is what stuns Agents and Enemies alike is unknown as the broom was destroyed beyond repair when he was caught luring Agents deeper into the Archives.)


    Brute like agents that attempt to solve everything with either a gun or explosives.

    Mishandling of Occult items/weapons. (He's one of the many Archivers that end up using their know how to repair magical objects. It eventually became annoying when they were mishandled or broken by those not taking the time to understand and train with their Occult items and it became a bit of an irritation.)

    Agents/Scientist/ect. not wearing proper PPE (It is a literal pet peeve for him.)

    Shellfish (He's partially allergic, specifically to clam, and hates the taste)

    Being away from is student

    Ultimate Goal: To bring his students happiness, even if he has to drag them there one by one. Kicking and screaming.
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