[secret Mission 5] Origin Story

Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by Kakuzen, Oct 2, 2015.

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    I am creating this thread so anyone can post their theories, hints, clues, etc. regarding Secret Mission 5: Origin Story.

    If anyone wishes to talk about Mission 5, they can do so at the following IRC channels on irc.blackwatchmen.com:
    • Part 1: #sm5.1
    • Part 2: #sm5.2
    I will try to keep this updated with relevant info as well.
  2. LionOfComarre

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    For anyone else who solved this last night:
    The archive you get at the end has been updated now, there's an actual file there.
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  3. cronkllr

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    I am on VIP and I am reading the former director of the AU. Where I am from AU stands for Australia. SO I was wondering if I am not looking into it enough for a different abbreviation or if I was on the right track. Or does it stand for Auxiliary Units?* This is the path I'm following now

    Woops I was on the right track. I just typed in a typo myself on the answer. LOL
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  4. Zankh

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    So I am looking into our "Luxury Suite" and...
    it appears that the date 02/17/1957 is when this meeting takes place, I looked into meetings held on this date and it appears that UN meeting 770 happened on this date, this is possibly only a coincidence as I haven't found any connections to the Chatham house rules yet, but I figured the location might be worth a try anyways...however I haven't been able to find any information on where UN meetings were held during the late 1950's, should I continue my investigation into UN facilities or change the focus of my investigation efforts?

    UPDATE: Got it! Long story short, date was right, organization was wrong
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  5. cronkllr

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    I had the group right but the wrong date , there was more than one that year.
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    You're very welcome my friend!

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