Season 2 vs Ahnayrho Which way do I go George

Discussion in 'General' started by mgelles, Dec 2, 2016.

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    Ok. First just let me thank you all in all sincerity for my current dilemma of two much awesome gaming, too little time. You really continue to amaze with your release of frequent affordabl engaging content. However it leaves me with a decision to make. I just recently started on TBW season 2 and jnd just purchased Anayro on Black Friday. I imagine that many people purchased it yesterday with the full release, which means folks will be embarking on that journey and would be just where i am which givess me a strong temptation to switch focus from season 2 to anayrho. However, i want make sure I get through s2 before s3 begins. Thoughts or pdes from the community on what to do?
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    I personally would say go after Ahnayro first, because EVERYONE is working on it. The main game is not that long, giving you plenty of time to switch back to Season 2 of TBW. Only possible issue I could see coming up is the NT4 live event on December 22nd having references to plot points made in Season 2 of TBW, in which case someone will just have to give you the run-down so you know what's what. But we're always willing to do that around here ;)
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