Season 2 Secret Mission 3

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  1. Agent Sperrymonster

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    Use this thread to discuss Mission 1 of the secret missions for Season 2.
    Feel free to post theories, clues, hints, or anything else, as long as you DO NOT POST THE ANSWER.


    Part 1:

    It is helpful to know the name of the base the US used to detain unlawful combatants
    Look for groups associated with enhanced interrogation techniques

    Part 2:

    The Agency certainly will have some challenges recruiting help, as the two head psychologists recently came under court scrutiny
    We're looking for their agency, not just the two psychologists

    Part 3:
    Start by trying to determine what type of cipher is being used
    this should be all the help you need, make sure to follow the instructions
  2. fathamburger

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    I wanted to leave an additional spoiler here since I was stuck on part 1 way longer than I needed to be and had the answer to part 2 ahead of part 1 because I was so sidetracked

    you're not looking for an EXTERNAL group for part 1. Its still an internal military group that uses civilian consultants. The group also has a name that's similar to a snack

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