Season 2 Secret Mission 2

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    Use this thread to discuss Mission 2 of the secret missions for Season 2.
    Feel free to post theories, clues, hints, or anything else, as long as you DO NOT POST THE ANSWER.


    Part 1:

    Try searching the names of Epsilon's father's superiors. Do they show up in the same place?
    There isn't a Wikipedia entry for the program, although you may find it on a Wikipedia page
    More of just a lore thing, but you may find a certain compound used by SIGIL on our agents was used in this program

    Part 2:

    Again, you won't find a Wikipedia entry for this person, however the doctor can be found on Wikipedia.
    Try searching for the word founder in association with the program from part 1

    Part 3:
    Pay attention to which programs Epsilon's father was assigned to
    You're looking for a drug associated with hypnosis more than mind control
    Look for a drug associated with both MKULTRA and MKSEARCH

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