Season 2 Megathread

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    This thread will include all missions for Season 2, so they can be easily found if you are stuck.

    Advanced Training
    Mission 1:
    Mission 2:
    Mission 3:
    Mission 4:

    Weather Reports
    Mission 5:
    Mission 6:
    Mission 7:
    Mission 8:
    Mission 9:
    Mission 10:

    Butterfly Effect
    Mission 11:
    Mission 12:
    Mission 13:
    Mission 14:

    Chaos Theory
    Mission 15:
    Mission 16:
    Mission 17:
    Mission 18:

    Scorched Earth
    Mission 19:
    Mission 20:
    Mission 21:
    Mission 22:
    Mission 23:

    Worthy Opponent
    Mission 24:
    Mission 25:
    Mission 26:
    Mission 27:

    Black Bag Operation
    Mission 28:
    Mission 29:
    Mission 30:

    Live Missions
    Operation JADELION :
    Operation Winterharvest:
    Operation Prestige:
    Operation RUBYDRAGON:
    Operation Menace (Black Level Mission):
    Omicron Investigation:
    Operation Darkvalon (Follow up to Omicron Investigation & Green Level Mission):

    Puzzle Pieces:
    Puzzle Pieces Related Mission: TBD
    Secret Missions:
    Mission 1:
    Mission 2:
    Mission 3:

    Other missions
    Operation Tracer (Kickstarter Backer Mission):
    Agent Group 3003 (Unknown):

    If i missed something, please let me know and i update the OP
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    I've added the missions to the thread. I simply left them out first was due they have nothing to do with the main game. I've added them anyway.
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    Thanks for compiling this, @JantsoP!
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    hey.. what happened to operation rubydragon?
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