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    This is a place to collect thoughts, hints, answers and explanations for all of Season 2's Info/Puzzle pieces.

    For those who aren't aware, each mission has a different solution that, when inputted, will be a valuable piece of information: an Info Piece.

    I would highly encourage Agents try to find the Puzzle Pieces themselves. It's a lot more gratifying than just copying the answers from here!
    I've tried to provide enough hints here that finding them shouldn't be too hard.

    You can find the thread for Season 1's Info Pieces here:

    Feel free to post any hints you have in the thread and I'll add them to the main post.
    I will be continuously updating this post as more Info Pieces are found!

    THIS IS A VERY BIG SPOILER. Don't open if you want to find the pieces for yourself.
    The Solar System.
    Currently we have features of three planets - Craters of Mercury, Moons of Jupiter and Rings/Discovery of Neptune.

    Theme for Mission Set 1
    Craters of Mercury
    Mission 1:
    The solution is written out somewhere in the mission. Keep an eye out!
    Look closely at Waite's tie. You can see "Giotto" written there.
    Mission 2:
    There are a few notes in the Training Manual that relate to each other. Do some research into those and see if you can find the specific sculpture mentioned.
    The Training Manual references "Wonders of the Ancient World", "Olympia" and "Sculpture". These all point to the Statue of Zeus, and Phidis was the sculptor.
    Mission 3:
    This one is fairly easy. Once again look for notes in the Training Manual that don't fit into the missions.
    Rob Tolstoj is mentioned in the Training Manual.
    Mission 4:
    Once again this one should be fairly obvious. Read through the Training Manual!
    Beethoven is mentioned in the Training Manual.

    Theme for Mission Set 2
    Moons of Jupiter
    Mission 5:
    You can find this piece in the PDF document of missing people. Look for something out of place.
    Look at the names of the mission people. Notice anything in the descriptions?
    In some of the descriptions, the name of the person will have added letters. Collecting these together give "Erinome".
    Mission 6:
    Once you know the theme for this set, finding this one shouldn't be too hard. Look closely at the document of samples.
    The ID number for the document of samples is METIS3JJK
    Mission 7:
    Once you know the theme for this set, finding this one shouldn't be too hard. Look closely at the audio log document.
    The "declassify date" is "50S9-IO"
    Mission 8:
    Do you notice anything different about the conversation transcript? There's a few things that are different that you need to focus on.
    The letters J, I, M and O are italicised and capitalised in the document.
    Mission 9:
    This one is harder to find than the others. Once you know the theme it'll help.
    You can find this piece in the observation document from Agent Kasdall.
    Elizabeth it is in vain you say...
    The word DIA is spelt from the first letters of the lines in the "Observed Paranormal Properties" section.
    Mission 10:
    This shouldn't be too hard to find once you know the theme of these pieces. Focus on the audio file, although you don't have to do any audio manipulation/analysis.
    The audio file on Clypit is entitled "LEDA26"

    Theme for Mission Set 3
    Rings/Discovery of Neptune
    Mission 11:
    The answer is written on one of the documents, in a way.
    Le Verrier
    The signature at the bottom of the Spearfish Incident Update document is that of Le Verrier, the person who discovered Neptune.
    Mission 12:
    The answer is written in plain text on one of the documents.
    Berlin Obervatory
    The Berlin Observatory is one of the donors to the Lorenz Group. It's also the location where Neptune was discovered.
    Mission 13:
    The answer is encoded and hidden in plain sight in one of the documents.
    Convert the numbers in the subject line and the 'OP' number below the break in the CLAM output document, using hexadecimal, to get the answer. Galle also discovered Neptune, but refused to be credited as the discoverer.
    Mission 14:
    To get this answer, you'll need to do a tiny bit of research. Think to yourself: Which of these documents would be easiest to hide a puzzle piece in?
    Voyager 2
    Agent Azuro's address is given in a weird format-- specifically, his street address is given as '0820'. Note the extra 0 before the 8. That actually corresponds to a date (August 20th). This happens to also be the date that Voyager 2 was launched, a spacecraft that gave us much of our modern data about Neptune.

    Theme for mission set 4
    Rings of Saturn

    Mission 15
    This one is tough. You can find it on the website homepage, and it's encoded.
    The timetable on the Iglesia San Martin homepage looks a little weird, right? If you express all of those times as hands on a clock, and then interpret that as flag semaphore, it spells out 'Jeffreys' -- and the Jeffreys Gap is a notable feature in the rings of Saturn.

    Mission 16
    The answer is written in plain text on a document.
    The Dispatch Agent named in the call transcript with Dr. Higgins is named Keeler -- and the Keeler Gap is another notable feature in the rings of Saturn.

    Mission 17
    The answer is written in plain text on a document.
    The message from Yvonne Waechter was sent to Division 79(that's us!) through Field Office 1610. Galileo first observed the rings of Saturn in 1610.

    Mission 18
    The answer is not written in plain text on a document, but with a little bit of research into something mentioned in a document you should be able to figure it out.
    The Intrusion Device Technical Requirements memo was sent to Div 79(that's us!) by a Professor R. Edouard. Edouard Roche is a noted astronomer, and for whom the Roche Division in the rings of Saturn (and probably less relevantly, the Roche Limit) are named.
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    I Will be helping you with this endeavour. I cannot wait for S2.
  3. Kakuzen

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    Ditto. SEASON 2 HYPE!
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    So what do the info pieces do? Do they feed into a larger narrative?
  5. dylanamite

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    I don't know if it'll be the same as in Season 1 or not, but once we collected all of the Pieces it unlocked 5 Secret Missions.

    Essentially they're just an added bonus to each Mission. They weren't related to the narrative at all (except for unlocking the additional missions).

    I'd suggest going and reading through the thread for the Season 1 Pieces.
  6. cronkllr

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    Well not just 5 secret missions.
    Agent Wheeler had us do recon on masonic lodges and build a full dossier on masonic information and a surveillance section. Before the 5 secret mission were unlocked.
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  7. Mustafa Said

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    Ah so the info pieces lead into the secret missions. Interesting-I kept scratching my head and wondering how to get to do those secret missions. :)
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  8. dylanamite

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    Let the searching begin!
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    We need an google doc!
    pls docmaster, open it :D
  10. dylanamite

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    It's far too early to give away the answers though, so I'm going to wait until someone else gets them.
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  11. LionOfComarre

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    Does it seem to be a new theme or a continuation of the old one?
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  12. dylanamite

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    That's for you to find out ;)
  13. Prythe

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    has something to do with the tarot and this? the fisrt one i mean i dindt do anything of the clues of season 1 so no clue (i know that were
    but i dont know where i'm heading
    the page is a reference of the cards and hebrew letter correspondence
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    Alright, so MidDipper and I found the third and fourth ones
    The first one was kind of easy to find
    I found Beethoven to be the answer. It was referenced in the training manual in part 13.8.4 as a file called "Fidelio - Beethoven.mp3"
    The third one I found the same way
    I found Tolstoj to be the answer. It was referenced in the training manual in part 7.1.5 as a Technical Assistant called Rob Tolstoj.
    OK, so I found out the correlation between the two, also. Apparently they are Craters on Mercury. I looked up "Tolstoj" in quotations on google, which showed me that there was a crater of that name, and also one of Beethoven.

    The article states that
    "Most Mercurian craters are named after famous writers and artists. According to IAU rules, all new craters must be named after an artist that was famous for more than fifty years, and dead for more than three years, before the date they are named."

    So there we go! It seems we have our subject!
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    i though i had it, but nope 1st piece talks about olympia and the statue part of the seven wonders , Phidias his maker has a crater but is not the solution :( or not as "Phidias" at least
  16. dylanamite

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    Don't forget that the same manual is also used in the 2nd mission too.
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  17. Prythe

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    sryy about the confusion and ty
  18. dylanamite

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    Updated the main thread with Hints, Solutions and Explanations for the first Mission Set.
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    Lyrah, and subsequently I, have found nr. 8

    Four little things stand out about the transcript.
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  20. Lyrah

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    Pieces for 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 have also been found
    One big hint
    determine/find the info piece for mission 8. This determines the theme for the rest of the pieces...

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