Season 1 Quality Of Life Improvements Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by crux, May 27, 2016.

  1. crux

    crux Special Adviser


    We are currently reviewing Season 1 to try and find areas that are frequently cited as frustrating for new players. So far, we've taken a look at Missions 1-12 and made several quality of life improvements. You can see the changes in the client now and in the changelog below. We will continue to review Season 1 missions and if you know of areas where players have been struggling, please inform us so we can see what could be improved. Thanks!

    Season 1 Mission 1 - 12 Changelog

    Mission 2

    Orders from HQ
    + Added alternative answer

    Mission 3
    Merchant Missing
    + Visual hint added
    + Updated description of puzzle to clarify player goal

    Mission 5
    Lost File #1
    + Visual hint added

    Mission 6
    New Staff
    + Updated description of puzzle to clarify player goal
    Updated description of puzzle to hint that multiple floors need bugs

    Mission 7
    The Conversation
    + Visual hint added
    Improved Methods
    + Updated description of puzzle to clarify player goal
    + Visual hint added

    Mission 8
    Dr. Myrick
    + Visual hint added
    + SET 6 briefing document added

    Mission 9
    Sheep’s Clothing
    + Visual hint added

    Mission 10
    Supply Inspection
    + Visual hint added

    Mission 11
    Past Mistakes
    + Visual hint added
    The Raid
    + Visual hint added
    + Updated description of puzzle to clarify player goal
    Email response changed to be more explicit
    + SET 6 briefing document added

    Mission 12
    Irregular Levels
    Indication that lab reports can be found in the Archive added as a clue
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  2. Alabaster

    Alabaster New Agent

    Please update mission 15 part three so that the answer isn't in YYYY MM DD format. That made me want to throw my computer until Codex helped me out. MM DD YYYY and DD MM YYYY formats would be much appreciated.
  3. crux

    crux Special Adviser

    I've returned the date format to how it was previously with multiple alternative date formats. Thanks for catching that!
  4. 6118519

    6118519 New Agent

    This game is great and addictive as it makes you use your brain which is very hard to find these days.

    Although I have been finding the answers to most of the missions, yet it's very hard to apply these answers because there is a specific formula or method to answer them, which results in me you-tubing how it's done in order to express my solution.

    I think there should be more training on how to use and answer the system.

    For Example:

    I am currently stuck on mission [SHEEP'S CLOTHING] ,
    I have read the brief on how to conduct SE manipulation, as social media was mentioned it didn't say what platform we should target?


    the answer should be the biggest mystery than the technique,
    thats just my opinion, keep in mind I am still a trainee in the game, maybe we rank up sooner than we really should be?

    Training should be the main key to become a functioning agent. If skills can't be expressed we have a problem?

    Great Game!
    Would be more interesting to come across more Darker problems that the world faces today, the news is so boring i doubt that it's one percent of what goes on.
  5. Jarobi

    Jarobi Puppet Master

    Thank you for your feedback 6118519, we will take it into consideration for that mission.
  6. Comtessa

    Comtessa Active Agent

    Finding that the email link for Mission 9 social engineering is not working, not on the website or social media platform.
    It seems unlikely that we use our personal emails, so have I bumped into a technical problem?

  7. Jarobi

    Jarobi Puppet Master

    Hello Comtessa,
    I can clarify this with you, yes you do need to use your own email account for the social engineering phase of mission 9. If you do not feel comfortable using a personal email account, I suggest doing what many of our other players have done and creating a special account just for use in the game.
  8. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Just a practical reminder though, you probably already gave your email address during your sign in on this forum.
    It could change things if you want to roleplay during live events when you have to fake identities to protect the agency's status (i had the guts to use my personal accounts all the way but my agent is a sick bastard who likes to gamble with his life)
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  9. Comtessa

    Comtessa Active Agent

    Thanks very much for the response, I did create an alias account, and got a response first try. I had help through the IRC, which was awesome.
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  10. Robespierre

    Robespierre Active Agent

    There's a latter instance where you need to email a contact, much closer to the end. I found it odd that I had to be so incredibly specific, even referencing our past dealings
    printing plates for Magic cards
    and my current goals in great detail.

    It felt to me like it was basic opsec to NOT spill all those details in a recorded medium, and that given the gravity of the situation, he might respond without needing all that detail.

    Also this is sort of a plausibility nitpick (which I know seems insane given how wild the storyline gets), but that contact's previous request, the aforementioned
    printing plates for Black Lotus
    struck me as unrealistic. Given the age, condition, and rarity of what he's trying to create, printing more would just blow up the market. If there's any profit to be realized, it would be very short-lived. Maybe that's the character's goal or maybe we're supposed to glean from it that our contact is connected but not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed. Really anything that would reconcile his unlikely goal with reality would be a nice touch. Maybe he's shorting that item?
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