Season 1 Changes And Corrections

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    Hello everyone,

    We have looked over all of your suggestions about the missions in Season 1, and made some small changes to aid in clarity of the puzzles.

    Here is what we have changed so far. Obviously there are a lot of spoilers, so just be warned if you have not completed the missions.

    Transmission changed to "Antique dealer missing in Chicago. Uncover the group responsible. All photos taken by first agent on scene." and allowed for more possible wordings of the group in the answer box.

    Put the backgrounds of all doctors in the clinic within one archive call number. Not really a spoiler, but you never know.

    Changed the first riddle of Mike to "Numbers of the first Goalie to hang from the rafters of the CSKA Ice Palace" Answer being
    and adjusted the archive call number accordingly.

    Answer box now allows for "sharps box", “sharps boxes too heavy” and “sharps containers too heavy”

    Answer box now allows for "SFO" and “Orphanage”

    Changed the report with the graphs to include indication of “Control” and “Sample” colours

    O.Brien's Business card now reads: 001111 110000 110000 100110 110100 110110 110010 010110 100110 100000 100010 - which is the correct conversion of braille to binary

    Gave full sized blueprints of Stronghold in first part of mission, to better read them.

    This is what we have changed so far, but we welcome all of you suggestions concerning any further corrections that can be made for clarity.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Nice changes. I will say that I started laughing at the change in Mission 7, that was certainly not the part I got hung up on :)
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    ^ just that
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