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  1. MidDipper

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    Hello Agent,

    I recently received an envelope in the mail that had obviously been tampered with-- the contents have been lost. I referenced the postmark against my friends lists on various social media websites and determined that it must have been sent by one of my friends from my hometown, Isaac. However, when I called him, he didn't pick up his phone. I managed to get to his place to check on him, only to find his apartment ransacked and him missing. I don't know what he's gotten himself mixed up in, but I know he wouldn't have contacted me unless it was serious. Luckily, we have a clue. It looks like I may be able to determine what was in that letter he sent me after all-- he's left out some of his poetry, and it appears as if some words have been removed. I think he may have used them to write his letter to me, so if we can figure out what's missing, we can figure out his message.

    I'll send you the poem fragments shortly. Thanks for your help on this one. Try to be quick, Isaac is a good guy even if he tends to get in over his head.

    --Agent MidDipper

    (So, I'm basically planning on trying some sort-of weird puzzle premises for this one, to see how they work and if they're any fun. Not going to be very heavy on decoding, most of the emphasis in this mission will be on research and 'connecting the dots'.)

    Thanks for the votes guys! Here's the first puzzle for this mission, as a little challenge/teaser.

    When I got to Isaac's apartment in Amherst, it was totally ransacked. I found this poem, with some words redacted, hidden inside the box spring of his bed. It's an old in-joke of ours to hide things inside of our box springs, from our childhood... Anyway, I'm really no good with poetry, but I'm sure this was his contingency plan if his letter didn't make it to me. I need you to figure out what message he's trying to get to me. I'm going to look for more clues as to where he's gone, maybe call his sister in the meantime.

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  2. dylanamite

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    (Just to be sure, is this a sandbox mission to be added to the client? Or a fan mission which will take place outside of the client?)

    Either way it sounds interesting!
  3. MidDipper

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    I'd like it to be added to the client, not sure if they're going to be doing that while season 2 is ongoing or not!
  4. orjfry

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    Seems awesome!!
  5. MidDipper

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    I've updated the original post with the first puzzle, as a bit of a teaser. Good luck!

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