[sandbox] The G0rg4n Incident

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    Mission for: All Available Agents
    From: Agent Lexicon
    Mission ID: RPL1094 - Codename: Medusa
    Area of Operations: Worldwide Incidents Reported; Forward Operating Base established 2 miles outside of Dublin, Ireland.

    Almost 20 years ago, a German bio-engineer created a virus capable of spreading boundlessly but only becoming active when certain racial genetic markers were met. He designed it with the intention of selling it to the military; a weapon that could be dropped on an entire battlefield and kill the enemy while leaving the allies unscathed. He worked with two assistants, and, before he was able to sell the virus, the Black Watchmen located and raided his laboratory. The bio-engineer, Ludvig von Claire, was killed in a firefight, along with one assistant, and the other was killed two years later. All paperwork and samples of the virus were returned to Blackwatch HQ (SEE: OPERATION HELICASE, 1994).

    Now, two decades later, an eerily familiar virus has started to appear in seemingly random locations worldwide. While preliminary microscope examination almost perfectly matches the original virus, the symptoms displayed are completely different. Once symptoms set in, the victim enters a comatose state and becomes unresponsive; sweating and convulsing uncontrollably. All attempts to sedate victims or other medical intervention is futile. Brain activity skyrockets and major organs are showing signs of imminent failure. An antibody engineered to eliminate the original virus has proven ineffective. The virus is being named G0RG4N due to its ability to incapacitate its victims.

    Action Required
    A Forward Operating Base has been established near Dublin, where dozens of victims are appearing at random. Specialist equipment is being brought on-site as quickly as possible, and a biological weapons expert is being flown in as quickly as possible, but her ETA is almost seven hours.

    Your objective, agent, is to co-ordinate with the doctor en-route and find as much information about this virus as possible. Our primary aim is to prevent the spread of the virus, uncover who designed the new virus and how, and to shut down the designers operation.

    Agents undertaking this mission should read up on basic virology.
    IMPORTANT WARNING - All agents on site are required to wear Level 3 Hazmat gear with separate oxygen tanks rather than filter systems. Any agent who suspects they have become infected are to report to negative pressure quarantine zones and undergo scrupulous blood tests.
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    Only four more. Working on document templates and whatnot as we speak, I'm very excited :D

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