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    Three weeks ago, Agent LionOfComarre, a division 79 researcher, was posted to Mobile Cryptid Genetics Lab Gamma in Nordland, Norway, in response to resports of of a sudden increase in disappearances of local adolescents, and supposed sightings of a large humanoid creature in the nearby forests.


    Agent LionOfComarre suddenly stopped reporting to Dispatch four days ago. Operative sent to investigate the site found no signs of struggle. LionOfComarre's location is still unknown at this time.

    [Action Required (teaser puzzle)]

    Locate the missing agent and aid in completing his mission.

    Operative on site found the following message on a sticky note attached to the lab's answering machine.


    The answering machine contained, in addition to messages left by dispatch, an unidentified sound clip attached below.


    It seems a message may have been encoded in one of the archived resports previously recieved from the research station. Forward any findings that may point us in the direction of the specific report to Dispatch as soon as possible.

    Agents working on this mission should have an aptitude for working with:
    *Biology and genetics
    *Norse and Sami mythology
    *Norwegians completely unable to ask for help in a straight forward manner.
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  3. Chaoseed

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    So, I was working on the sound, and I'm not sure if I'm on the right track (no pun intended)...

    With a "telegram" you immediately think of Morse code; however, Morse code uses sounds of differing lengths—the "dashes" are supposed to be three times the length of the "dots". And in this case, all the sounds appear to be the same length. Are we supposed to take into account the pauses after the sounds as well? Or is it possible we just count the number of "pulses"?

    Here are a couple of pictures of (what I think is) the important information. If you listen to the sound while looking at the pictures, it should be clear what the pictures mean. I think this is a more convenient format for analyzing the sound.


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  4. JarielEledan

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    Actually I'm thinking about the different sounds as well. Low sound for a dot, high sound for a line, silence in between as a 'space' between characters?

    Don't think it's morse. Even taking into consideration the various possible spaces, there are too many repetitions of the same note for it to make sense, unless I'm missing something. Worth a shot buuut I find it unlikely. Trying something now, will keep you posted.

    Anyway, I've put on a gdocs for who wants to work on this!


    In there, there's already the audio clip 'transcribed' without pauses. Dots are the low sounds, lines are the high ones.
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  5. LionOfComarre

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    Seems I made a minor error with the sound clip, thanks to Jariel for checking it out for me, I'll update it later.

    Edit: Clyp updated, should be correct now.
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  6. LionOfComarre

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    Mock-up of puzzle 2 is ready. Anyone that PMs me the answer to the first puzzle can try it.

    Edit: Thanks to LogThatData for catching my genetics fail in puzzle 2.
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    Got the rest of the puzzles ready. First puzzle updated with an extra clue.
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