[sandbox] Operation Sphynx

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    Agent Mission Upload Protocol Activated
    AgentId: Cicada1337 Password: VGhlIG1lYW5pbmcgb2YgbGlmZSBpcyA0Mg==
    Credentials Accepted
    Uploading Mission now...
    Upload Complete.

    Welcome back Agent. We hope that you have enjoyed your Vacation unfortunatley we have discovered something that needs to be dealt with urgently. Earlier this month we dispatched Agent Masaharta to infiltrate an egyptian archeology team. We had heard rumors of a secret chamber that had been located underneath the Sphynx's right paw. Of course this rumor has been around for years however intelligence reports lead us to believe that a small team of archeologists had uncovered a passageway leading from the Great pyramid into the sphynx. Initial reports lead us to believe that in the chamber they found several ancient documents containg highly sensitive data. Including what we believe to be schematics for an ancient energy weapon. Agent Masaharta had communicated to us that she had identified a member the team, and reported that she believed the team was linked to some sort of Secret Society that dates back to Ancient Egypt. She was able to upload documents that support her theory as well as the identify of one of the team members. She was supposed to check in two days ago with more information. However she failed to check in and all attempts to contact her have been unsuccessful. It is up to you to pick up where she left off and to find her. Good Luck Agent!

    1. Identify the affiliation of this ancient cult

    2. Identify a connection between the ancient cult and a modern organization

    3. Infiltrate the Secret Society.

    4. Obtain the location of the Documents found in the secret chamber

    5. Aquire copies of the Documents and upload them to our Secure FTP server.

    7. Locate Agent Masaharta and report her Location so she can be extracted.

    Credits to MidDipper for Her Co-Authoring of this Mission! Along with a Thanks to Dylanamite and Kakuzen for their help in testing and input for the cipher stages of this mission!
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  2. Cicada1337

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    Yay 7 more to go!
    Oh and this will have Some Live Locations as well ;) ( the live locations will be in a Virtual environment so everyone can complete them (think Second life Esque worlds) )
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  3. Lovebug

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    im his wife my like probably shouldnt count ;)
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  4. Cicada1337

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    I've begun working on mission documents and storyline! I have a solid Storyline plan already laid out for the mission, and am currently going through and adding details and plans for how everything will piece together and what puzzles will be part of which objectives!
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  5. Khalm

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    More likes please, this intrigues me!
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  6. Cicada1337

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    Thanks for the support! We are working hard on a flushed out detailed storyline along with a good balance of research and cipher based challenges!

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