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    Hello agent,

    As you might have heard, i will be taking over Micro-C, the science division that's previously been run by agent Middipper.
    There is only a slight issue… Middipper was the only agent who was able to change the access codes.
    The codes were programmed to change every week, meaning i have been locked out of my own lab for these past few days.

    Thanks to NITE4 i was able to stop the code changing, but that's as far as we could go… Middipper really was paranoid regarding our security… and who am i to question their authority.

    I will provide you with a list of codes that i got my hands on. please be carefull with these; we dont want them to fall in the wrong hands...

    maybe i should also note that i advise against using any working code, since there are other security methods in place, which i am not allowed to tell you about.
    right now im working on some ideas for whats going on in micro-C since middipper is gone,
    let me know what you think of this :p

    just saying; its really hard to create some personalised code thats 'predictable', and hard to crack...
    (i got two months of access codes for three people, and i got some codes for three others)

    below is a list of acces codes; lets see if anyone is able to figure this one out ^^
    (you can PM me if you think youve got it)
    update: i can now easily generate tons of codes for other agents, and more dates...
    even though these are all possible dates where Dipper could have changed them.
    i also changed the formatting from 5 digits to 10 digits, so its 'possible' the get the source of the code
    list of previous used access codes:

    information on the codes:
    -the codes are personalised
    -the code is based on the day it activates
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