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    FROM: Agent Tyler

    TO: Office of Analysis

    Agent, you may have heard of an organization called Morpho Medical, which was involved in unethical research into dangerous occult areas. We believe that, months ago, a small group of researchers abandoned Morpho to strike out on their own. With your help, we can track these rogues down; whatever they're planning, it can't be good.

    Report to the OPERATION HEAVYCLOUD website to begin your investigation.




    Did everyone enjoy their Halloween? Is everyone looking forward to Nite Team 4 being funded? Well, let's celebrate with a new fan-made mission! ;)

    HEAVYCLOUD is a set of eight puzzles, organized into three missions. It may be easier for those agents who are more interested in science than the paranormal...

    This is the first version of the mission. It's playable now! It's only missing a climactic final puzzle. I'm hoping it can be accepted as an official sandbox mission; if it is, I'll add that final puzzle, and I'll polish the existing stuff (especially if there are glaring errors). Let me know what you think!

    I made the video just for fun. You could consider it a 'TBW Fan Trailer'. It doesn't have anything to do with Heavycloud...or does it?

    ("But didn't you already make a fan mission?" - Command Line was meant to be its own, separate thing. It also has a couple other problems...Heavycloud is meant to work as a sandbox mission. It's very close to the style of the existing missions (or at least that's the idea). However, I haven't given up on Command Line. I just need to rework it a bit... ;) )
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