[sandbox] Dark Secrets Of Fairview

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  1. AgentPurified

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    Emergency Broadcast to all available Agents.
    From Agent Purified who is stationed in Florida. Last seen in northern Maine.
    Mission Number: 8934716 CodeName: Piercing the Veil
    Area of Operation: Unknown

    Agent Purified was last heard on the trail of a strange fugitive from Florida. After the category 5 hurricane Erica struck Florida, reports of mysterious gatherings began to pour in. The reports said shadowy cabals were conducting rituals in the obscurity of the torrential down pour. Using the rain to hide their actions, the reports said the cabals were kidnapping people from their homes that they hid in. Agent Purified with a small team began to track the trail of a particular individual believed to be the ring leader. Tracking this group all the way north into the deep backwoods of Fairview, Maine. Upon reaching the town Purifieds team stopped responding. The only thing to reach the agency was a small scrap of paper. This piece of paper came in an envelope with a wax seal. This piece of paper read "For who shall know of that which ever abides in strange-time."

    1. Discover the location of Agent Purified and the rest of the Paranormal Tactics and Research Division.

    2. Uncover the identity of the one they trailed.

    3. Uncover the truth behind Fairview.

    4. Look into the darkness, but be wary traveler, the darkness looks back.
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  2. Timothy Fox

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    Objective 4 seems more like a clue and not an objective
  3. Aulran

    Aulran New Agent

    Anything from Florida is good for me. :)
    Questions about the setup though:
    - Why is this group wanted by TBW?
    - What strange gatherings?
    - How did the scrap of paper reach the agency when contact with the team was lost?

    EDIT: Addressed all mine! I like it!
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