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  1. Typhoon Jim

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    Agent, your work on recent cases has been exemplary. Even if it seems your efforts duplicated that of others, we assure you they are necessary.

    In your training, you may have been assisted by people with whom you may not even share a primary language, and your outlooks on life might be drastically different. Believers work side by side with skeptics, the professor works with the student, and the soldier alongside the sorcerer. We are a distributed organization, with agents from every walk of life, of every color and creed on God’s earth. This is traditionally the base of our strength: the Black Watchmen operate unfettered by any earthly power or culture, for those we fight have never been held back by such.

    These cases were the initial trial of a new technique for the Watchmen. We are leveraging what is often called the wisdom of crowds. Together with the rest of the new crop of successful Agent First Class candidates, your work has revealed critical viewpoints for our analysis that would be closed to any individual agent or small team.

    We wish to apply this approach to some of our old cases, and see if we can find anything new. Work together with other agents, but keep an open mind.



    The agent will be presented with historical information on a series of already concluded case files from the past. The Black Watchmen may have overlooked a thing or two, and it is your job to verify the results of agents of old. It may be necessary to double-check their reasoning and perhaps uncover mistakes... or things intentionally hidden.

    The information consists of archived case reports which contain analysis of captured materials and interrogation of subjects, and the conclusions drawn by the agent involved.
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  2. Steelgramps

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    Interesting! Maybe we could dig up a cold case among the old reports, just waiting for an eager agent to find it!
  3. Typhoon Jim

    Typhoon Jim Senior Agent

    The thing about our organization is that, naturally, we can never be quite sure exactly who is briefing us, or if we are really finding the thing we are being told to look for.
  4. Killkeny

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    ...And ten likes!! Your briefing looks very interesting @Typhoon Jim !!
  5. Typhoon Jim

    Typhoon Jim Senior Agent

    Excellent. Completing materials now.

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