RV Recon : Kaduna (Priority)

Discussion in 'Live Events' started by Dispatch Relay, Dec 18, 2016.

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  1. Dispatch Relay

    Dispatch Relay Division 66

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  2. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    I find this region the most concerning overall. The bank is likely just a small branch, but it's an international bank.

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  3. DrNoodle

    DrNoodle Senior Agent

    Khemsafe computers and Hephzibah computers both have wifi access and are close to the main rail terminal in kaduna located at 10.496223, 7.417635. The airport is another HVT but it is located northwest of the city and may not have a nearby internet cafe.

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  4. KiRa937

    KiRa937 Senior Agent

    It is possible that the airport has Internet Cafe on its territory. Try to check out its layout.
    About the Rail Terminal. It's 1,5 km away from the nearby cafe. I believe we should consider only HVTs in 750-800m radius, unless Dispatch gives another number.
  5. KiRa937

    KiRa937 Senior Agent

    Just updated the map. Found this site with internet cafes in Kaduna. I've added them as Possible Cafes, cause I'm not sure if they're still there. If you can, please check them out and confirm their existence.
  6. Dispatch Relay

    Dispatch Relay Division 66

    Priority level upgraded.
  7. Kaltern

    Kaltern Active Agent

    Hi all, Is there a google doc we should be contributing to? (new here, been itching to get involved with this!)
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  8. m0lly

    m0lly New Agent

    Hephzibah Computers is a computer store. Its not an internet cafe

    TBW internet cafe.png
  9. Kaltern

    Kaltern Active Agent

    So here are some internet cafe locations I found with interesting buildings nearby:

    Hephzibah Computers, Abuja Road, Kaduna, Nigeria.
    Nearby buildings of note:
    Government Secretariat, 160m from cafe.
    Zenith Bank, Q2, Kano Road, Kaduna, Nigeria, 700m from cafe.

    Note: Khemsafe Computers, another internet cafe is only 650m from here.
    Patmo Internet Cafe, nr Botswana Road, Kaduna, Nigeria.
    Nearby buildings of note:
    Barnawa Clinic, Nr Maha Cl, Kaduna, Nigeria, 1km from cafe
    Khemsafe Computers, 7 Constitution Rd, Kaduna, Nigeria (Has been confirmed to not be a cafe (https://www.facebook.com/Khemsafe-Computers-And-Communication-Limited-205957809542006/)
    Nearby buildings of note:
    Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Nr Constitution Road, Kaduna, Nigeria, 300m from cafe.
    Sovanel Hospital, Nr Abubakar Kigo Road New Extension, 500m from cafe.​
  10. m0lly

    m0lly New Agent

    the one I find most concerning is for the kenya national archives. It has 4 internet cafes surrounding all sides of the building and 3 bus terminals / stations on either side.

    kenya national archives.png
  11. Kaltern

    Kaltern Active Agent

    I would definitely agree with that.

    In fact, there are a LOT of government buildings near that cluster of cafes - French embassy, Ministry of Immigration, City Hall, Supreme Court, just to name a few!
  12. DrNoodle

    DrNoodle Senior Agent


    you can also use this site to search other cities/countries, so it may be helpful across the board.

    as for the airport, i found a 2015 article promising wifi at all nigerian airports within 2 months, but I cannot find confirmation that there is wifi in the airport.
  13. m0lly

    m0lly New Agent

    there is free wifi access near this school: Petanns Driving School and Computer College. Looks like its a parking garage but if you zoom in closer it says there is a cafe deli

    kenya national archives free wifi in area.png
  14. JingleJangle

    JingleJangle Active Agent

  15. Kaltern

    Kaltern Active Agent

  16. m0lly

    m0lly New Agent

    found an image of the location and its a cafe in between 2 banks, microfinance bank and operative bank
  17. Chaoseed

    Chaoseed Special Agent

    Nasruminallah Internet Cafe is in the northwest, though not near the airport. Not sure if anything is near there.

    I believe most of the internet connectivity in Nigeria comes from the WACS submarine cable, with a landing point in Lagos. But there are several submarine cables:
    Main One has its final landing point in Lagos, for example.

    I've been trying to figure out the major ISPs, but it's tricky. WACS itself is owned by a consortium:

    There's also Globacom, which has is entirely own submarine cable, GLO-1. It has a fiber optics cable right to Kaduna. Also, MultiLinks has a fiber optic cable right to Kaduna.

    I basically got to this stuff from this page
  18. Kaltern

    Kaltern Active Agent

    List of ISP broadband internet service providers in Nigeria and their Average download speed they offer.

    PROVIDER LIR 1.4 Mbps

    Netcom Africa Limited 1.2 Mbps

    Galaxy Backbone Plc 1.3Mbps

    MTN Nigeria 3 Mbps


    MainOne Cable Company 2.3 Mbps

    IPNXng 3.7 Mbps

    Suburban Telecom 5.2 Mbps

    SPECTRANET LIMITED 3.5 Mbpswww.spectranet.com.ng

    NGCOM 1.7 Mbps

    Wireless Broadband Internet service 875 Kbps

    Coollink 2.6 Mbps

    Swifttalk Limited (NG) 1.2 Mbps

    Mobitel Nigeria Limited 526 Kbps

    EMTS Limited / Etisalat Nigeria 1.9 Mbps

    Globacom Limited 2 Mbps

    Netcom Africa Limited 1.2 Mbps

    Airtel Networks Nigeria Ltd 526 Kbps

    Given the listed speeds, I would suggest Suburban Telecom, MTN and Spectranet are most likely the 3 most popular, although I don't yet know about prices.
  19. KiRa937

    KiRa937 Senior Agent

    Found this list of Internet Providers in Kaduna. I think it's enough to add all the companies who provide download speed of at least 3 Mbps.

    Also this article has list of key broadband networks. Are they considered Internet Backbones, especially BCN, MLTC and Suburban Telecoms?
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  20. Josh Lloyd

    Josh Lloyd Active Agent

    In case someone doesn't have the link yet, all the intel we have for MULTIPLE LOCATIONS is in this document.
    And a lot of us are doing some of the communication here.
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