RV Recon : Abidjan (Priority)

Discussion in 'Live Events' started by Dispatch Relay, Dec 18, 2016.

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  1. Kubillium

    Kubillium Active Agent

    Hey, sorry for tuning in late, was busy with another assignment over the weekend.

    I double-checked all the data compiled in your documents and couldn't find obvious errors.

    The only thing I noticed is that the list of high-value targets doesn't include churches of any kind (although the St Paul's Cathedral -- GPS 5.333106, -4.020433; altitude 31.043 m / 101.847 feet -- in central Abidjan is huge and easily reachable). On the other hand I understand that churches aren't really HVTs for any kind of cyber attacks.

    Do you need help with compiling and formatting a final large document to submit to HQ?
  2. Gilgamesh0306

    Gilgamesh0306 Active Agent

    We have good intel for Abidjan now. Has some of you the possibility to provide the city map in a 10x10 square grid like requested in the briefing E-Mail? At the momemnt it's 9,5 x 11,5.

    Also we compiled a lot of HKVs but which of them are really in the vicinity of one of the internet cafés? In which radius an internet point can get acces to a HKV? In the provided example the HKVs and the café seem to be very nearby. Whereas in the PDF (which was sent later) in some cases the agent estimated that one café could cover a whole district.

    Further in the discord-chat there is the theory that we are dealing with a computer virus which can drive users mad. So are there any famous hacker-groups in Abidjan?
    The homepage of the PLCC only names individuals (http://cybercrime.interieur.gouv.ci/).
    Did you know there are courses to become a CEH (certified ethical hacker) in Abidjan? :) https://www.netcomlearning.com/training/ceh-and-cnda/abidjan-cote-divoire.html
    Also the last two days there was the GDG (Google Developer Group) DevFest2016 in Abidjan. https://developers.google.com/events/5421431215882240/
  3. Kubillium

    Kubillium Active Agent

    Can do, although I'm not sure what area should be covered. For example: you can see pretty large outskirts on the coast heading east from the center of the city. Maybe it's enough to add an "extra square" to the map?

    I'll get to work ASAP.

    Regarding the Google Dev conference: Depending on the incubation period of the virus the conference could have been a meet-up-and-spread-from-there point for the attacking party and could therefore cover a lot more ground.
  4. Kubillium

    Kubillium Active Agent

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  5. Dispatch Relay

    Dispatch Relay Division 66

  6. Kubillium

    Kubillium Active Agent

    As far as I know there are at least two different documents that have to be merged. I can do this, give me a few minutes!

    EDIT: Nevermind, someone did this already.
  7. Davide

    Davide Active Agent

  8. Dispatch Relay

    Dispatch Relay Division 66

    Processing intel, thank you agent. Stand by for contact.
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