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    Last week in the Dev Stream we discussed the release roadmap for NITE Team 4, aided by this handy graphic:
    Here's a breakdown of all that stuff in an easy-to-parse bullet point format:

    Academy Basic Training
    • Academy campaigns covering the basics of gameplay
    • Essentially the tutorial for NITE Team 4
    Open Beta Phase
    • Similar to The Black Watchmen, through Early Access
    • Sentry-level preorders will have a chance to try out the game before main content begins dropping
    Kickstarter Security Seminar
    (NOTE: We've changed this a bit, see at the bottom)

    • Kickstarter and preorder add-on, live Twitch seminar/Q&A with cybersecurity professionals
    • Taking place on September 20th on our Twitch channel, at 4PM Montréal local time
    • We are still looking for submissions of “iconic moments” to inspire our composer
    • Submit a gameplay recording to [email protected] to be acknowledged in the album credits
    Academy Release
    • 20 certifications to start, with more planned in the future
    • Fully voice acted by Archivist Wheeler and Agent Dillan
    • Certifications will not be required to progress in the game (but will be encouraged)
    Main Story Part 1
    • Content will be progressively rolled out over the course of “season 1”
    • At the end of the first season, we will have a full release from Early Access, with all content available to new players
    Open World Campaign
    • First 3-part Open World campaign is planned for October
    • Based on reception and success, we will adapt the number and length of future campaigns
    • Remember: October’s Open World campaign is a trial and isn’t representative of how the rest may be managed
    Main Story Part 2
    • Continuation from October
    • The main story is broken into these two parts for narrative and technical reasons
    (Stuff we're going to do, but not until after November at least)​
    • Multiplayer Missions
    • Faction Warfare
    • Raid Module
    • Hivemind Server Updates
    Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement!

    EDIT 9/22
    Hey all! We've decided to postpone the official private security seminar, but instead we are doing a free for all NT4 players more casual live chat/AMA with Kim Crawley on 9/27. Look for a post on it soon!
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    wow i m so excited!!!!!! open the doorzzz!!!
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    Hey Thanks @codex-13,
    I had played the first modules of the academy. Very simple indeed, but very entertaining. Also, i think that for the new players is an excellent tutorial, everything is well explaines, and is fun to play.
    Thanks for the good work,
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    Ok so what does open world campain mean in the context of the game. Puzzles can be completed in any order versus sequentialy as in blackwatchmen or play will encompass blackwatchmen?I'm trying to visualize how the concept of "open world" in the context of other games translates to an Arg driven format.
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    Open world in this context means that you not only use the ingame tools but also have to research (BUT NOT HACK!) out of game (like in black watchmen, e.g. research of real or created-for-this-game-but-existing webpages).
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    Sounds absolutley great! Love to see this roadmap. Kepp up the great work guys!
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    cool thanks great game!
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    I am sorry I missed the AMA. If you want to do a security seminar, then I'd be glad to participate, I'd even be glad to speak on a topic. Maybe on a topic of interest from Black Hat or Defcon.
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    So, what is an iconic moment
    So what types of iconic moments are you looking for and how would that play into the soundtrack?
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    Sounds cool I have so much to learn

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