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  1. zaelong

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    heey guys, did anyone manage to extract some sort of information from the rhopagroup site?
    im very curious whats to be found here...
    all i can see is a magic square that gives 66 at each row and colom

    okay.. i just found this exact same info in another topic...
    sorry i shouldve read more into the other posts...

    but in my defense it was a post regarding the last artifact checkpoint while i wanted to dedicate this to the rhopagroup
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  3. berzerk0

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    it looks like that document has been hijacked.

    All I was able to find so far was the matrix of numbers on the Rhopagroup page.

    All rows, columns and diagonals add up to 66.
    Let me poke around with some linear algebra... my favorrrrrriiiite :(

    Edit 1:
    Matrix determinant is 0, meaning it is non-invertible. Nothing else noteworthy.

    It seems this is called a magic square and this is known already
    Nothing came out of decimal/hex to ascii conversion but some funky symbols


    Don't seem to be too useful.

    Edit 2:

    In the source code - the image containing the square is called "Spell.png"
    So, assuming each letter in a cell represents a number in the alphabet (all numbers <26) let me see what it spells:


    This amounts to nada - and it also amounts to nada when run through ROT13, as well as ROT1-ROT25.

    Edit 3:

    Tried the port thing as in the other thread and got the the same 356-2016 as everyone else. This image is also called "Spell.png"

    Seems this territory has been tread before but I thought I'd put in a noobish perspective
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  4. zaelong

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    apparantly 356-2016 was the code we needed to dismantle some bomb we encountered during operation RollingViper...
    theres nothing usefull hidden inside, so the investigations have been halted...
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  5. Cucu Filip

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    Ok, so I tried to find something about rhopagroup, and I googled it. By doing that actually I found something wierd and interesting, but that does not make sense for me. When you google rhopagroup you may find a site with incident reports of people with insomnia or depression or anxiety. And if you click each and every single one of the reports its the same hexadecimal code over and over again. If you introduce the code in https://www.asciitohex.com/ it will give you a quote of THROUGH THE GATES OF SILVER KEY BY H.P. LOVECRAFT (BOOK). I just dont understand what it means and why its connected with rhopagroup and why in the description of all the incident reports is this quote. I don't see the connection but the message that you get from the quote is quite not normal and I just cant see the connection between this mission and the book. Maybe there is the answear, but I cant find it
  6. zaelong

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    i think you found the oakvalley sleep center clinic; which is part of the ahnayro game
    rhopagroup apparantly "owns" them

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