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Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by Zerosh, Jun 28, 2015.

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    That blue capacitor should also be a 20v (based on color) which means the sequence could be 35 35 20 22 25 ??
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    Haven't even seen a tantalum capacitor since college, but the pink bottom on the last one would indicate 35. Blue bottom I would expect to be 20 if using the striped coding, but that one doesn't have the indentation that makes me think it has a multiplied color, so not sure it's actually color coded. My guess would be 35 35 22/20? 22 25 35
    Edit: Doesn't look like they modified the image at all from the original, so numbers are probably a red herring.
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    yea that blue one is messing me up. I think it should be 35 35 20 22 25 35.
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    According to

    For the last one, first band is red, second band is red, multiplier is white, voltage is pink, so it's 35V (and the table confirms that)

    For me it's 35 35 20 22 25 35
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    As pointed out by Tuna, Bedlam image is ~300kb larger than original, also has a gray-black border along the bottom that original doesn't. Bedlam image has different metadata than the original (mostly a lot of ICC stuff saying "an Apple computer touched this").

    The border blends in more or less perfectly with Firefox's dark gray background when viewing only an image (at least on my screen), so I'm not sure it means anything beyond that someone was slightly imprecise with a screenshot + copy + paste job. Have been unsuccessful using steno tool.
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    So the borders are 1 pixel on the side and 3 pixels at the bottom. We discovered there are 5 shades of "black" in the black borders. We managed to create variations of those shades +/- of each other. We are trying to figure out if there is a cipher involved. We tried Braille (it is not), and were examining Morse code. We started looking at a Hill Cipher, but we would need a key for that.

    5 different shades of the blacks.
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    I've extended the generated images to include all combinations.
    An overlay reading "32+33" means that the black pixels in the border have been reduced to only those with the color code 32 or 33.
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    The metal Tantalum derives from:
    Its name recalls Tantalus , son of Zeus and father of Niobe . He suffered a mythical punishment for handing the drink of the gods (the ambrosia ) to humans. Zeus condemned to eternal thirst and thus, immersed as he tried to drink the waters parted. This phenomenon is related to the ability of the metal to avoid attack by acids.
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    Stock photos also found on:

    under titles:
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    I had tried a few days to sign up for the weekly newsletter on but it wasn't working. Tried again today -
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    Says I'm already subscribed :/
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    I contacted the clinic yesterday. I posed a query about the website and got a reply from Linda Moss, the receptionist. She seemed pretty friendly.

    I then wanted to follow up on my reason for my site visit with Dr Myrick, the fact that she has an article in the New England medical journal published but it isn't in the archive piqued my Tutsie senses. I posed as a university student interested in her paper as research for my dissertation, the e-mail bounced back. So I replied to friendly Linda to see if she could perhaps send me a PDF scan of said article.

    Awaiting response...
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    the sweet kitten cam we knew about (watched them for hours earlier hehe) but no clue if they were relevant then, for something...

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