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    So I've been talking things out with command, and I was granted clearance to release select files of MidDipper's research. I'll keep this list updated as command approves more for viewing.

    If you must know why you can't just view the physical reports. Every single one has biological protections on them, and i'm probably one of the last people who received proper immunization.


    Author: MidDipper
    Date: Feb 5, 2016
    Subject: Roswell

    Roswell's cell samples appear, visually and in most behaviors, to be typical human cells. However, any similarity to human cellular structures ends at that point. A shotgun sequence of gDNA isolated from an extracted erthrocyte showed a 0% match against any mammalian DNA sequences in GenBank. His closest phylogenetic neighbors seem to be a poorly documented species of slime mold native to the Siberian tundra. Some cells appear to go through a 'reverse cell cycle', even fusing with neighbor cells in an 'inverted mitosis'. Other times, cells appear to coalesce from nothing, as if they had been lysed and the scattered parts re-formed themselves. Attempts to isolate these cells have been utterly unsuccessful-- every isolated sample shows cells going through the standard cell cycle as well as this unusual 'reverse' cycle. This curious cellular behavior may account for the unusual behavior of our security system towards Roswell, but further research will be required to confirm or deny this theory.

    Addendum made by [CORRUPTED]

    Personal notes:
    Fuck you. No not you, fuck you as in command. I don't know why me of all people would be picked to fill in the shoes of MidDipper's research on the odd subject of Roswell.

    Continuing on the belief that the subject causes unusual behavior towards security systems, I applied this to the supernatural. So I ran several tests with occult and psychic based methods. The results speak for themselves, rejection. Physics report a deafening static if they try to read him, attacks just stop dead in the water. Occult methods such as curses fail, as if there's no valid target, scrying straight up doesn't work, and other uses either fail or even horrifically backfire. How this is achieved is unknown, as the subject is able to perform basic rituals without any interference. I tried getting a spiritual energy reading, but either the subject doesn't have one, or it's a complete inverse of what we believe to be common place. Further approval for tests has been requested.

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