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    Since we've had some discussion lately about recruitment, I decided to make a generic recruitment puzzle available for all players to use. Feel free to tinker with it to add your own personal flair, but remember that this puzzle isn't designed to be super difficult, it's more meant as an introduction to the type of puzzles we see in this game.
    I've made a template for a business card, it has an encoded URL and a space for you to write your Agent handle. Please give your recruits that handle, it will make it easier for them to credit you at the end of their recruitment.
    This sort of outreach works best when you give the potential recruit some sort of contact information so they can reach out to you with questions or to ask for help. I left some whitespace in the card design where you could write down an email address, or you could have them printed double sided with more contact info on the reverse.
    Also, please don't post any outright answers to the recruitment puzzles in this thread-- if you have questions about how it works or want a walkthrough of how I designed it, send me a PM! I'd be happy to discuss the nitty gritty so you know what your recruits are getting into.

    So, to reiterate: Use this card, write your handle and some sort of contact information on it. At the end of the puzzle, your recruit will be prompted to credit the Agent who recruited them. I may or may not make this into a challenge to see who can recruit the most new players, but I will definitely be generating graphs and posting them from time to time.


    EDIT: So, it was broken before. I fixed it to be better. Use this updated version unless you want very unhappy recruits.
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