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Discussion in 'Factions' started by Tyryt, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Tyryt

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    Hello all, Agent Tyryt here. Yes, that one. I've been dark for far too long, but will be joining NITE Team 4, in fact will be leading a faction. Details are still in the works, however I'm putting out feelers now for those who may be interested.
    Send me you dossier (or post it in reply). I'm leaving the specifics off, as what comes in will also be part of it. Further questions or interviews will follow.


    Addendum - being a faction leader comes with certain benefits, if you want to be a part but can't due to resources, don't let that prevent you from applying.

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    • Agent Name: Kakuzen

    • Role: Cybertech

    • Bio (early draft :p): While not working with the other agents in Division 79 or team TF-Manta, Agent Kakuzen decided to lend his hand to NITE Team 4, despite the griping of agent Mike Grisha. Unfortunately for Grisha, Kakuzen's experience as a cybertech gave him the skills he needed regarding penetration testing, firewall bypassing, and the ability to leave no trace after exploiting a server and taking its resources. He didn't have much of a choice after the reference from Division 66.

    • Attitude: Laid back personality unless the need arises to become serious. Usually listening to Pendulum, Death Grips, or Nine Inch Nails while on the job. Enjoys the occasional shitpost.
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    Hey Tyryt,

    Is this faction still active? Haven't heard anything in awhile.
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