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    The Division 66 Maintenance Division, self codenamed "Silent Breeze", handles all repair and construction related tasks for the facility that is home to [[REDACTED]] agents and other personnel. Despite having only 36 members, this Maintenance group boasts the highest effectiveness rating of all divisions. Mainly in part due to the current Maintenance director Agent Bruteforce fostering a bond between everyone. The division is highly protective of each other and should one try anything to one of them they would quickly be against them all. This teamwork is currently be assessed and monitored by [[REDACTED]] for either possible threats or systems to be used in other areas.

    Head person of each of their respective sections. They tend to be the most experienced and provide assistance to underlings when they need to. Keep each division organized to operate at top efficiency.

    2nd in command of Maintenance when Agent Bruteforce is off site and otherwise assists day to day operations of Maintenance. Gets absorbed in his work when given the chance but normally likes to slack off or get time to himself. Somehow can get almost anything shipped to Maintenance due to connections with [[REDACTED]] and current ongoing work outside the agency. Previous employment allows him to customize [[REDACTED]]. In a relationship with Supervisor Bluescreen.
    Handles all safety duties in Maintenance and ensures all PPE is correctly followed. Tends to act like a mother to all in Maintenance and doesn't like when anyone is hurt. Reportedly has a stare that makes one put on required PPE without argument. Was originally slated for joining Medical but went into Maintenance instead to replace retiring Safety Supervisor providing Maintenance with Medical training but currently without the full facilities.
    Team Lead on reactor systems that keep entire facility powered. Expert on Fission and Fusion Power systems. Has blueprints of current facility reactor memorized to point of perfect recollection. Hates fishing.
    Manages Maintenance's extensive workshop and fills construction material orders throughout the facility. Indepth knowledge of alloys and machining allows the creation of strange designs. Strangely uses the workhop as an improvised sauna when not busy to, in his words, "Keep his skin refreshed".
    Manages facility repairs of a structural or mechanical nature. 15 years experience as a steel worker and has the strength to carry I-beams without assistance (he's a very big man). Able to eyeball the tightness of a nut.
    Manages facility repairs of electronic or electrical nature. Tends to be working in her tesla coil testing lab when not working. Personal hero: Nikola Tesla.
    Manages repairs of IT systems and installation of new systems. Developed the program used to divide repair orders for all Maintenance personnel fairly. Replaced her hands with cybernetic replacements to allow for faster work output. Total Gamer Girl. In a relationship with Supervisor Jeff.

    Due to the nature of material Maintenance needs, the section has its own shipping and receiving system in place to procure large amounts of raw material as needed in short periods of time. Plus the more sensitive pieces of equipment the agency uses are considered safer then sending through the normal methods for Maintenance to install at later points. Some shipments show up in Maintenance including things like [[REDACTED]], [[REDACTED]] and more specialty materials like quartz but its not considered to be a threat and is left be.


    These individuals are responsible for maintaining the function of the Division 66 Facility's power systems. The system is centered on a functional Tokamak Reactor with backup power systems based on nuclear fast breeders and normal geothermal and diesel generators. Most systems are automated but for security reasons the whole system is operated off the grid.


    Maintenance maintains and operates a fully equipped workshop to allow them to produce more custom and sensitive parts on site for repairs and construction. The whole workshop is centered around the 2 story blast furnace allowing for forging of parts with other equipment allowing for manufacturing including but not limited to laser cutting, machining, cast molding and even 3d printing.


    Involved in the repair and construction of all Mechanical and Structural systems throughout the facility. These range from things like supports, walls, plumbing, etc.


    Involved in the repair and construction of all Electronic and Electrical systems throughout the facility. These range from things like lighting, cabling, any electronics not related to computing, etc.


    Involved in the repair and construction of all IT systems throughout the facility. These range from things like server farms, communicator systems, LANs, etc. Section works closely with Nite Team 4 to get the latest security methods to prevent intrusions.

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