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  1. Zerosh

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    Original Post by @MoPono
    I think Rosenber Clinic deserves a new thread, if only to investigate the aftermath. But I've created a poll to see what you think.
    I also think at this point we should divide in teams. One focusing Rosenberg and one focusing Barbizon.
    I voulnteer for this team. I don't have much time in investigate at full strenght, but I can look into hints or pointers you stumble upon.
    Finally, I think I'm tech savy enough to look into what @MoPono and @Rowyne suggested so I'll start from there.

    Clinic's web page: http://rosenbergclinic.com/
    Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qwI1-dhICLm7wIM89r_Qp8WSLR5saZiw0VJGPKPs0QE/edit#gid=0
    Old thread: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/1085/view/forums/thread/414472/ThisIsNotTheEnd.html
    Old Tweets:
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  2. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    *glances at her wall, closely reading the beginnings of an investigation*

    Founder : Adam Rosenberg holds a Bachelor in Catholic Theology from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_W├╝rzburg establishing a probable link to knowledge of/practice of exorcism. His Research Assistant, Vanessa Baup, is the daughter of Anneliese Michel (mother died after a ten month series of exorcisms)

    Clinic telephone : 1-438-345-8258 for the last 2 weeks has been simply responding with a busy signal. No answering service/no not in service message. (tried numerous times per day at varying times)

    Clinic offers weekly newsletter: Signed up 3ish weeks ago. Nothing received.

    Email sent to Dr(s) Rosenberg and Lacoste seeking aid with chronic insomnia. Awaiting response.

    *pauses a moment, reaching for a pencil resting behind her ear, jotting down a few notes to be followed up on. The large words "what happened at the clinic?" stare back at her. The words are quickly underlined in red.*

    (what Agent Rowyne had done thus far and where I will be restarting from ~me~)
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  3. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    Random thought : Anneliese Michel entered Wurzburg University in 1973. Must have met Adam Rosenberg then. Daughter, Vanessa Baup, later lives with Rosenberg.
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  4. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    I've been investigating what @MoPono suggested, but I haven't reached any conclusions. Whitout any clue we could be trying email addresses till the end of time.
    We may try to email all known adresses to see what happen, but if the clinic is burnt down we may never receive a response. @Rowyne already sent two emails and didn't received a response.

    I'll think about it and see if I come across something.
  5. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    NSLOOKUP confirms the mail server exists. Last week I tested all 5 addresses I know and some I suspected (sent fake spam from an alias account). Everything bounced except [email protected] and the 4 researchers. I've created an account in my Windows Mail to try to POP mail from mail.rosenbergclinic.com, using the default port 110. Same error no matter what I do. Port 1976 just times out. FINGER gets refused on all names. That is about the extent of my hacking skill.
    The Intranet page at rosenberg asks for an email address for login but the interface doesn't act like a mail reader when you log in. I think that page is not intended to be a mail interface, but if it isn't, how do they get to the mail server that we know exists?
  6. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    Just my two cents here: Mail servers can be configured with or without TLS, and the ports can be configured in most cases. Some hosts even enforce using their servers - I have to use pop/imap/smtp .secureserver.net and NOT pop/mail/imap/smtp .[mydomain] over TLS.
  7. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    The complexity of serverstuff is beyond my imagination. All I know to do is mimic how I connect to my local ISP and see if it works. But it may be a starting point for somebody else...
  8. Zargh

    Zargh Moderator

    Just to spent my little 2 cents here:
    mail.rosenbergclinic.com has as ip adress. The ftp server in the google doc has this ip adress.
    And (here is where it went to real live) the administrative site for the equation1.multialtos.com domain hast this ip adress.
    So, if Anashel decided to bind a valid mailserver to this ip, what he obviously did, it will answer to simple telnet.
    And it did. I don't think its of any usefullness to poke further in, its a rented server system, and i think we should no try to hack it in any way...
  9. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    Perhaps the only reason
    Yes, I've been told that this IP hosts a lot of Human Equation sites. Anashel's made it pretty clear I feel, in the various AMAs that hacking is a touchy subject because ISPs can block you from doing things even if A&S permits it, so they're working on better methods. Using terminal to poke in is not a good idea as far as I can tell.

    On the mail servers, I'm of the mind that we aren't meant to access their email accounts. For one thing, lots of us have sent them messages, something something sharing personal information. Not sure if that's illegal, but certainly not a good thing. Secondly, we were provided a login in the form of an email address, which is easier than us guessing that 'arosenberg' would be the username AND guessing the password. Email limits the that aspect. Thirdly, because email is the login to the intranet, they had to ensure that the messages that we would inevitably send them didn't all immediately bounce back, because that would be superlame.
  10. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Yeah, I fear the emails and the mail server seem a no go.
  11. Bats

    Bats Division 93: Covert Grammatical Ops Battalion

    Actually as long as you're using the proper command syntax, the server doesn't know whether you're telnetting in or a real mail client (the same goes for pretending to be a web browser by telnetting to port 80) - so that in itself isn't an issue... But, yes, equation1.multialtos.com hosts a lot of Human Equation client sites (75-100) - most of which aren't connected to ARGs at all (although some like http://aqnp.ca/ are close enough to the subject matter to look suspicious). So my rule of thumb has been that, if you can't be sure that what you're doing targets/affects only the one specific ARG site (not the whole IP or host machine) then it's best to try a different tactic.

  12. Svyaz

    Svyaz Senior Agent

    If this comes to fruition, I volunteer for Barbizon.
  13. OCDCoder

    OCDCoder Moderator

    Hi, all! Just joined a couple of days ago and am trying to catch up.

    Hoping my first question/comment here isn't covered in the docs, but I didn't see it anywhere. (I did find it in one archived chat log.) Rosenberg has a standard 404 not found page, any idea what this is all about? Someone just got bored one day and decided to have fun with .htaccess?

    (The cute... It burns...)
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  14. riningear

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  15. Sonne

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  16. OCDCoder

    OCDCoder Moderator

    Hey, I didn't build that site, I just found it. ;-)
  17. La-souris

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  18. Bink

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    The French-Canadian version of a Rick-roll?... Alice & Smith has just won the award for nerdiest prank ever.
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  19. Conartist

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    That is hilarious. Even more hilarious is the fact that it has over 2 million views
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  20. OCDCoder

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    I keep wondering if they're looking at their logs and trying to figure out why they're getting so many referrals from a weird Neuropsychology clinic...

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