Quickguide To Mirc, Hexchat, And "andtalk" Android Irc Client.

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    August 28th 2015: Another edit by TAV - removed freenode and replaced with irc.blackwatchmen.com

    Heyho folks.

    Since I've heard a few would like to get out of the browser-based IRC client, but either don't know, or can't remember, how to set up a client, I thought I'd make a small, very basic guide, that'll get you into the channel, and help you register your nick, so no shennaningans can be committed in it while you sleep.

    Edit (29th of April): Click to jump to the Android guide at the bottom of the thread.

    Edit (19th of Jun.. already!?): Yay, new forums! For you future-folk reading this now (then?) ancient thread, I opted to move this guide to the new official forums, seeing as we'd surely get new agents in the second phase, and that in general, the community has, in my personal opinion, gained a lot from the ties that lurking in each others company on IRC has brought with it - so I invite anyone to come join us there - and in case you aren't familiar with it, here you are:

    Edit (25th of June): Updated with a quickguide to getting started with HexChat

    Sidenote: Because of current 2-image limit, I've removed the non-essential images from the post, and rewritten it to accommodate the changes.

    This is also the reason why I dual posted, as the second post was aimed at the "AndTalk" client, which I felt required a visual aid of its own.

    - First, you'll need to download and install a client, in this case mIRC, which you can do from here.

    If memory serves, the "evaluation period" can, just as with WinRAR, be ignored.

    After you start the program, you'll need to type in your nick - this is the only piece of necessary information. Real name, e-mail, and so on, are optional.

    - Next you'll need to set it up to connect to the right server, in this case irc.blackwatch.com, which we'll do in "Options: Connect -> Servers":

    - Just to make things a bit easier, in "Connect -> Options" remember to set it to auto-connect, and turn off "Show connect on startup":

    - Then, you should add the channel you want to join - in this case "Division66", and we'll set it to auto-join. You do this in "Favourites", the Heart-symbol with a Sharp over it, next to "Options" highlighted in the previous image.

    >Uncheck "Pop up favorites on connect"

    >Click "Add"

    >Under "Channel" write: Division66

    >Check "Join on Connect"

    - To avoid aforementioned shennanigans with your nick, you'll need to register it after you've connected to the server:

    In any window - to avoid accidentally writing out sensitive information, it's always prudent to write this in the "Status" window - type in "/msg nickserv register [password] " - by which - for the sake of clarity - is meant your password and your email, without the brackets, of course.

    This will register your current nick under that password and mail-address.

    - You should then get an email containing a validation code, copy/paste this, and type in: "/msg nickserv verify register [nick] [validation-code]"

    You should recieve a message from Nickserv in your Status window that "[nick] is now verified!", after this, type in:

    "/msg nickserv set enforce on"

    This will demand that anyone changing to your nick identify themselves. (Cheers to Rhiaden for reminding me of this step ^^)

    - Finally, we'll make sure you won't have to identify yourself manually each time you log in (/msg nickserv identify [password]):

    > "Options" Icon

    > Connect -> Options -> "Perform..."

    > Check "Enable perform on connect"

    > In "Perform commands:", write:

    /msg nickserv identify <your nick> <your password>

    That should set you up with what you'll need to connect to the official IRC channel, outside of the provided browser-based client.

    On a final note, if you want mIRC to minimize to your tray, so it isn't constantly showing at the bottom of your screen when it's minimized, but you'd still like to be connected, this can be done in "Options: Display -> Options: Tray..: Check "Place mIRC in tray when minimized".

    Hope to see more of you in there soon. ^^

    Connecting to multiple servers in same session:

    Seeing as a few others are operating on more than one IRC network, I thought it would be prudent to add a short guide on how to set mIRC up to do so as well, in case you've been casually using mIRC, but find it a bit intimidating trying to set it to connect to two networks simultaneously.

    - First: Open "Scripts Editor", and go the "Remote" tab. There, type in (or copy/paste):

    on *:START:{

    server irc.blackwatchmen.com-j #Division66,#chan-n+1


    Irc.blackwatchmen.com being the network TBW uses, and quakenet acting as a placeholder, in this case. Merely replace it with whatever server you want to connect to, other than blackwatchmen.com IRC.

    Depending on how many servers you want to join, you can add an additional line for each server, e.g.:

    on *:START:{

    server irc.blackwatchmen.com -j #Division66,#chan-n+1

    server -m irc.quakenet.org -j #chan1,#chan2,#chan.etc.

    server -m irc.synirc.net -j #you-know-the-drill


    For various reasons, it's not advised to add sensitive information in scripts, so I've left that part out.

    If your nick gets locked:

    Thought I might add another guide, in case your nick is locked, due to, for example, being disconnected while not using your original nick, causing your identify to fail, changing back, and not realizing you need to identify in time.

    - First, identify you are the owner of the nick:

    /msg nickserv identify [nick] [password]

    - Then, remove enforce, and release the nick:

    /msg nickserv set enforce off

    /msg nickserv release [nick] [password]

    - Finally, revert back to your nick, and reinstate the enforce setting:

    /nick [nick]

    /msg nickserv set enforce on

    If you want to avoid this in the future, you can alter your perform task to include what nick you are identifying for, regardless of what nick you're currently using when you log on/reconnect - see the first guide for how to alter your "Perform" tasks:

    /msg nickserv identify [nick] [password]

    Grouping nicks:

    If you want to use a seperate nick for when you're using the mobile client, but still want to avoid people potentially doing some shennanigans with it, you can attach it to your current account.

    I won't include visual aids, as it only requires 2 commands to set up, and it can be done in your regular IRC client - the steps for using the nick while using the mobile app is the same as above, simply write your "Field name" (mobile app) name instead of your "Agent name" (normal client).

    - First and foremost, log in to your regular account (/msg nickserv identify [nick] [password])

    - Then change your nick to your desired "Field name":

    /nick [field name]

    - Finally, you attach it to the account you previously logged into, by writing:

    /msg nickserv group

    This secures both your normal nick, and the new nick you had when messaging nickserv the above command.

    Other commands:

    /part /part #[channel] parts the current or specified channel

    /topic #[channel] displays the channel-topic

    /clear /clearall clears text from current window, or all windows in the latter case.

    Right-o, hope that is of some use.
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    As for Android devices, there are quite a few clients to choose from - I gave them all a quick glance, and I think I would recommend "AndChat", which is free, without ads, and lets you add "perform" commands; which are all features that other clients - from what I was able to glean - lack one or more of.

    So, as always.. *drumroll* .. *catbug impression* guide-time! \o/

    While it is a bit self-explanatory in and of itself, just to help ease your mind, if you were already weary about setting up mIRC, here you are:

    - First, download the client via the link above - or look it up in the app store, it should be one of the first result you get.

    - Next, when you open the app, you'll get a "First Run" message, which in and of itself is a quickguide, but I found it somewhat confusing, so I skipped ahead. If you choose to follow that guide, there's no need to read on, otherwise, when you get to the main screen, click "Add a server".

    - Under "Server Details", fill in what you want to call this setup, and what server you'll be connecting to (2nd image from the left), and also fill in your prefered nicks - if the first one is taken, it will rename to the second, and so on, and of course the channels you want the app to autojoin when you connect (3rd image).

    - In terms of identification, you can choose to either use the built-in authentication method by pressing the "Set up..." button, and a window will popup, where the 2nd option will be "Authenticate with Nickserv" - check that, and write in your password below.

    Your other option, considering that it is a mobile device, and a steady connection isn't a given, you can set it up to authenticate your account specifically. You do this just below the "Autojoin List", named "Autorun List". Click it, and type in:

    /msg nickserv identify [your-nick] [your-password]

    - note that this may pop-up a pm window, but there's no need to be alarmed.

    After that, the connection will show up in a list using the "Name" you gave it under "Server Details", each time you open the App - simply click it, and it should connect you automatically.


    Other useful commands for mobile devices:
    A few commands can be shortened, which may come in handy while in the field:

    /join #[channel] -> /j #[channel] joins the specified channel
    /msg [nick] -> /m messages the specified user
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    As I've noticed that mIRC in fact can't be used after the expiration of the trial period without buying the full program ($20), I thought I'd make a short guide to an alternative client.
    Edit: Actually, it would seem you can use it - with a slight annoyance every time you start up the program. I'll leave the guide here either way, just in case anyone might want to switch over. :)

    Based on the recommendations of Tyryt, that alternative client will be HexChat, which can be downloaded here.

    For the sake of convenience, you can opt to just storm through the installation - no need to worry about the plethora of options.

    Afterwards, when you run the program for the first time, you'll be met with a small window, prompting you to pick a server - and this will more or less cover what you need to do to get online using the client:

    >> Fill in User Information. Nick Name will be, well, your nick, and Username your login information (the nick you register to).
    >> Select freenode (1), and "Favor" it (2).
    >> Check "Skip network list.." (3), as well as "Show favorites only" (4)
    >> Click "Edit..." (5) to set up login information and autojoin.

    >> Check "Connect to selected server only" (1), and "Connect to this network automatically" (2)
    >> Enter you password (3)
    >> Open the "Autojoin channels" tab (4).
    >> Click "Add" (1)
    >> Replace "#Channel" with "#Division66" (2)


    >> Close "Edit freenode" window.
    >> Click "Connect" in "Network List" window.

    Enabling Logging:
    Settings > Preferences > Chatting: Logging > Check: "Enable logging of conversations to disk"

    Enabling Notify:
    Settings > Preferences > Chatting: Alerts > Highlighted Messages > enter text/names to be highlighted.

    Minimize to tray:
    Settings > Preferences > Chatting: Alerts > Check: "Minimize to tray"
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    ( I made a small tweak to your first post so the jump to the Android section stays in these forums rather than the old area in which we once posted )
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    I personally like HydraIRC and WeeChat, though I also have HexChat, mIRC, and BitlBee also installed.
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    Updated first post for irc.blackwatchmen.com
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    Pidgin (pidgin.im) is an open chat client that speaks almost any protocol under the sun. I personally like it because it allows you to use one single program for all instant messaging.

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