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  1. August

    August New Agent

    I just discovered this game and I am interested, however I do have a couple of questions:

    -is this a game in which I would receive phone calls?
    -what is the level of commitment needed from a player? my real life is often busy...

    Thank you
  2. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    That all depends on the clearance level you opt for, which are all entirely optional.

    The lowest level, red, only requires an e-mail, so you won't be getting any phone calls.
    If you opt for a higher clearance level you will be getting phone calls. But choosing this clearance is up to you and what you feel comfortable with!

    Also, the level of commitment is up to you. Some players such as myself spend an awful lot of time playing it. You can go at your own pace though. There's no time limit on any of the in-client missions.
    The only thing that might affect you are the live missions, but once again you don't have to take part in these.
  3. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Dylanamite sums it up nicely, but one thing worth noting - as it seems like it's becoming a common misconception - is that "Clearance level" does not affect the amount of content you get! :)

    You'll have access to and be exposed to the exact same missions (and number of missions) regardless of whether or not you opt in for "Red" (only e-mail) or "Yellow" (phone+address).
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