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Discussion in 'Alpha Versions' started by bissen, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. bissen

    bissen Active Agent

    Don´t know how to get access to quantum53 network. Please help me. And then I wonder about the technologies that foxacid don´t recognize. Howcome? Btw. awsome game! :)
  2. NomenLuni

    NomenLuni Senior Agent

    I'm on that mission now. I haven't tried it yet but I think
    You have to portscan every IP address in the range.

    It may take a while...

    Edit: It didn't work though.
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  3. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Try using osintscan.
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  4. bissen

    bissen Active Agent

    ok...haven´t been here for a couple of days. But I will try Again. I have tried everything I can imagine. :) Thx 4 your answer.
  5. quovadis

    quovadis Active Agent

    Hey, I found
    the intranet connection
    but now... I can't find the password. Tried with 3 dictionnaries on PasswordAttack with
    as a login. I don't have more information to put (nothing avec Rivera seems to work). I'm stuck here. Any idea ?
  6. quovadis

    quovadis Active Agent

    (Nevermind I got it, i was on the wrong server)
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  7. CantFindMyKeys

    CantFindMyKeys Active Agent

    Even with all the hints in this topic I don't understand what the server address is that I require. There is nowhere that I find this address with all the searches I have done
  8. OneEyedFox

    OneEyedFox New Agent


    sfuzzer gets better results once you use it from one of their vulnerable servers.
    Can you find your keys now ?
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  9. CantFindMyKeys

    CantFindMyKeys Active Agent

    Eventually found out with some help on the Discord channel

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