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    Now that Season 2 is out, here is some early FAQ:

    Q: Where is my code?
    A: If you bought the game before 31st September 2015, you are getting season 2 code to your email which you used to register the game.

    Q: I bought it before that but i did not get the code.
    A: As of writing, MailChimp (service which the emails are coming from) is having issues and it's out of Dev's hands. You can see the MailChimp status here.
    EDIT: MailChimp solved the issue and mails are flowing again. Please check your email for the code. If you did not get one, please contact @Anashel

    Q: What if i bought the game after the deadline?
    A: Then you have to buy Season 2 as seprate DLC in Steam. You can find the store page here. As of writing, it's 10% so go get it ;)

    Q: I'm getting black screen after the new update? What gives?
    A: This should not happen anymore. When the Season 2 was pushed to public repo, some players got this issue. Acording to this thread and by Agent @Zargh the issue was on AMD drivers but this yet to be confirmed.

    Q: What is the new clerance in the game? (Black)
    A: More information will come Soon™

    Q: How i can redeem the game?
    A: Follow Steam instructions

    Q: I got it redeemed but i still have to buy Season 2?
    A: This is an easy fix. Right click on the game and select "Downloadable content"
    Double click on the install box and press OK
    Wait for few secs and the season 2 will unlock (file is only 54 B so it's fast)

    Q: I want help. Where i can go?
    A: The more fastest way to get help is on our IRC. If you have no hurry, you can post it in our forums
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