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  1. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    I am having two problems with the hivemind network
    1. The sanctuary of secrets password attack is not working
    It says the cid back door isn't working but
    it clearly is
    also it says that i have 17 hacked nodes but i have 18 it just the anashel node doesn't light up
    please fix these

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  2. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    The password thing for the sanctuary of secrets thing is a known thing. You can workaround this by manually inserting the url in the password attack module.
    I can place the link in here if you really need to, but its not that complicated (if you follow the guide :p)
  3. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    while i am grateful for your help this does not change the fact that some fixes need to be done for patch 8. Not angry just suggestions
  4. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    Bluecrush unreachable

    TAO unreachable

    Fancy bear unreachable

    Nsa unreachable

    Art club unreachable

    Presolar unreachable

    Arkham asylum unreachable unless thylacine fixed

    Stu 3 unreachable

    Momoh unreachable

    408 key unreachable

    Thylacine broken

    Alpha centuri broken

    this is a list of unreachable and broken files (unreachable means you can't acess them broken means you can download them but doesn't do anything when downloaded)
    please fix
  5. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Are you talking about the file you can trade? And for these files you had the prerequisite file to make your trade?

    When you say broken, you can't do anything for now with the file once downloaded except for showing up in your inventory. Do you mean they don't show up?
  6. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    For the unreachable files, some of them are unreachable because the other files are broken some are just not in anyone's node yet. The broken files are undownloadable from anyone's node. So when you try and download it, it doesn't show up in your inventory
  7. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    I will try and record full names, images and condition and try and put it into this thread
  8. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    @hiyouboots you say unreachable, but i disagree;
    ive got the at least the bluecrush file (not sure how i got it though)

    you have to keep in mind you also get these files as a reward for clearing the normal missions
    and the files that are listed for trading, are listed by backers with the "Network Admin"-level, not the devs.

    (and dont point your fingers to them just yet; most of them set up their network, not knowing what the others did, or how stuff is going to work)
  9. Dalamus

    Dalamus Active Agent

    I made a short video showing the bugs with Intel: Thylacine Nursery Report and Alpha Centauri. I hope it can clear some stuff up ;-;

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  10. patlenew

    patlenew Active Agent Staff Member

    Thanks for the video, makes the debugging much easier!
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  11. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    I am not blaming anyone just saying the files can't be accessed at the moment also i have done every mission and hacked into every node and downloaded all the downloadable's. So i think i would have some idea of what can and can't be downloaded. Are you a network owner or not? if you are you may have it because of that
  12. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    I have also just checked out dalamus's video she/he seems to have all the same files as me and is considered to have one more node. If you check out the top of the thread the anashel node won't light up for me because I hacked the node before the new hacked node system was put in place.
  13. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    umm i have got another problem when i click into digital grimoire this happens upload_2017-6-21_10-30-34.png
    is there a fix coming for this or is it a problem on my end

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