Problems saving the game and with mission theater

Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by Killkeny, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Killkeny

    Killkeny Active Agent

    I`m not sure if i´m doing something wrong, but i have completed "shoot the messenger" chapter from operation silent spring mission, and i can´t click to start the second chapter...

    There is no second part, or something like that? I`m missing something?? Is a bug??

    I have other matter as well. The game its not saving my progress. When i get out of the game, i must start the mission again, because all the objetives of the mission that i completed, appear as not completed...

    I´m the only one with this issues??
  2. TheoAurigae

    TheoAurigae New Agent

    If I remember correctly they aren't saving the missions at the moment for bug testing purposes. Also yes there is no second mission yet, unless this has changed recently.
  3. BlueOrbit

    BlueOrbit Moderator

    Yep, Theo's correct. The 2nd part of Operation Silent Spring is currently being worked on and, should you complete the first part at the moment, it will not save your progress after closing the game for bug testing purposes.
  4. Killkeny

    Killkeny Active Agent

    Ok, thank you very much for the fast answer!!

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