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  1. mtk_pp

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    i'm getting stuck with the table 1 card that said "private network" on the front and "Interest from the canter partner, as dreams get darker"
    please help ....
  2. suinicide

    suinicide Active Agent

    The cards point to information out of the game, you need to research based off the files attached to it, and find something like (Not the answer) the doctor who wrote the reports. Only the answer would tie into the words on the card. There are "fake" websites and stuff to help you.
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  3. PsycopathClown

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    Took me a while to solve this one. If you want the answer asap, look at mine, if you want to take your time, listen to suinicide's advice.
    [ On the sleep research tab on the OakValley website and take a look at their partners.]
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  4. Orion

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    This one was a bit more challenging than the first card, although the hints by suinicide and PsycopathClown were totally helpful! Thanks!

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