Pretty sure my account is broken and is unable to progress.

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Volt, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Volt

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    I recently made a post on the Discord's technical support channel the other day bringing up how I was unable to finish the academy because I did not have any options for delivery or rootkit on the Foxacid Server. Only exploit is Content Spoofing, but I knew there were more.

    So, today I decided to check again. Still can't see any options. I had ended up resetting my account 3 times after getting to this same point to have learned nothing. So, I made a new account to test on. Here's what I've learned, images embedded.

    One. Still got to use my Phoenix skin from my account I normally use. It wasn't unlocked, I just still had it equipped, and I forgot to check to see the menu for skins and emblems to see if it was thinking I was using the NT4 skin or not. Either way, this might be a bug in itself for allowing a new account to use whatever the last account's skin was.

    Two. When asked to change avatars during the academy, I had a plethora of level 1 "white" options to choose from on my test account. I don't have these on my main account.

    Three. When I finally got back to the part using the Foxacid Server, I had every option and was able to complete the academy. Turns out they're all level 1 "white" options like those emblems, and for some reason, I don't have those on my other account, and after the 3 resets, I still don't. So, I believe my main account is broken.

    My (Volt) account has both the Sentry and Quantum rewards, and as I added my Quantum before doing the Academy, could that have broken it? Not sure, but either way, I don't have what's necessary to continue on my main account. I hope this all can help nail down what went wrong here.
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    Hey there!

    I try to grant you all the item for a new account, can you let me know if it work? (Also if you can, send me an email via [email protected] so I can reply to you directly via the ticket system)

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