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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Lykos, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Lykos

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    i've preorderd a longer time ago the QUANTUM SUITE GAME PACKAGE + Orbital Hacker because that was the best available package. First thing is I've only got the normale Steam key and the Quantum Game Package Plus but I think something is missing, right? And my second question is, there are now other packs available (Secret Faction, 0-Day Vulnerability and I think the Create you Server package), can I get them too, are they included in my first order and what are the differences between the avaiable packeges now and at the time I've preordes the game.

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  2. codex-13

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    The "Quantum" pre-order package includes:
    • General Beta invite
    • Closed Beta access (the Steam key you received)
    • In-game title & skin
    • The Black Watchmen (Steam Key)
    • A&S Full Bundle (several Steam keys)
    • Secret Faction mission set in the HVM network (Not yet available)
    • Original NT4 soundtrack (Not yet available)
    The keys for TBW and the A&S bundle should have come in a separate email from your Closed Beta steam key- double-check your inbox to see if you find them, if you don't see them there then just reach out to us.

    If you want to upgrade your pre-order, you should speak with Anashel on our Discord server ( He can double check what's included in your pre-order and get you upgraded if you're interested in that.
  3. DEAUnHolyKnight

    DEAUnHolyKnight New Agent

    Hi I hate to jump onto someone elses thread however but I just preordered the Quantum package around an hour or two ago but I haven't received anything in my email other than the Paypal confirmation. Is there a normal amount of time it takes or was I supposed to be able to log in for the purchase or something? I hope its okay that I didn't make another thread.
  4. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    until recently the keys were send manually, so it could take a few days
    but apparantly its been automated now.
    if you still havent received your keys; (it shouldve been send to the email adress associated with your paypall acount - it might be in your spam box) you should contact anashel to try and solve this.
  5. DEAUnHolyKnight

    DEAUnHolyKnight New Agent

    Yeah I never received anything in my inbox or my spam other than the email from paypal so I went ahead and sent a message to Anashel.
  6. VirminLord

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    Can anyone help me with the pre-order mission? I just need the initial prompt.

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