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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by TRiM, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. TRiM

    TRiM New Agent

    I tried the demo of both niteteam4 and TBW, and after 20 minutes i bought on the niteteam4 site the QUANTUM PACK plus 0-day vulnerability.

    I received this mail:

    Now, i redeemed all on Steam, and seems it worked.
    But the ahnayro SoundTrack is missing.
    I received 2 TBW season 1 code, but i think it's normal, cause int he package it says i'll receive the TBW and the bundle, so another TBW...
    The code to redeem in game, i think didn't worked, cause i can't find the QUANTUM skin...

    I want to know if is all okay, or something missing, and how i can check the 0-day vulnerability...

    Thanks! <3
  2. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    I sent you the key by email! :)
  3. TRiM

    TRiM New Agent

    Received, thanks! <3
    Fot the 0-day vulnerability how i can see if is activated?
  4. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    You will have to wait for us to finish the inventory screen! :)
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