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Discussion in 'ARG Investigations' started by Goldwing, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Goldwing

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    Making a new post because there isn't a megathread yet.

    The final release has given us several new ARG pieces, and going through them all will take days. I have, however, found something in the newest chronological Tumblr message I could find (http://mykinofata.tumblr.com/private/153868025490/tumblr_ohgtzyKnyx1vfm6ze). Emailing the address in the middle leads to his Tumblr, http://oneiroknot.tumblr.com/). A few of the images seem to be from the Early Access ARG, and the most recent one, http://oneiroknot.tumblr.com/post/153917658461/i-witnessed-a-powerful-dance, is the image on one of the Artifact Gates. For now, this is just raw information, and will probably be picked over more thoroughly later. More to follow.
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  2. baktic

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    From a design standpoint, the image on the Artifact Gate is used to lead people to that familiar tumblr to get the answer
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  3. Clear

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    that's what I did :/ Is there another way?
  4. baktic

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    That's what I did as well
  5. codex-13

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    I think there used to be a way to find it through the way the old forums were set up? Some of the old posts.
  6. LionOfComarre

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    It should still all be in the Lucid Dreaming subforum?

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