Possible Situation Room Secret Mission?

Discussion in 'Suspected Missions' started by atunacat, Jun 26, 2015.

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    I'm wondering if this noise is the robot scream/beeps mentioned by Jarobi in the twitch stream tonight? Don't have anything to go off of there though.
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    If you load the audio file in sonic visualizer and add a spectrogram to it you see the phrase "June 28."

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    Live mission? Nice pickup
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    So... it seems somthing may happen in two days... HYPE!
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    Hello everyone,

    This might be nothing, but i found it interesting nonetheless. When you do a reserve image search with TinEye, you get a various list of sources. One in particular is interesting, a blog from EbaumsWorld, talking about a massive Military Joint Exercise in Los Angeles. He talks about this on June 26th, 2012 and says on "Thursday" they will conduct it. That leads to June 28th, a Sunday; When you load up the audio file (as indicated above) the spectrogram shows June 28th, and also on June 28th in Los Angeles there is the BET Awards and an Artsy event - Now you are probably asking why do these matter? Well the Art Show is called "Art Beyond the Glass" and the logo shows someone representing a Rioter, and throwing a cocktail - which in turn could mean a rioter is throwing an explosive cocktail, and with the history of a certain groups oppression, it sort of all ties in.

    While these two events could really mean nothing, it all starts adding up to Civil Unrest and New Order. Also stated in the blog was passing of Nation Defense Authorization Act - literally meaning the president can now arrest and detain American Citizens; this also goes hand in hand with the "Be Prepared". Most of these Award shows have an ability to push Satanism, Occult like tendencies and other imagery - as history of these has showed.

    Again, i restate, that these could be meaningless, but nevertheless, as we don't know a whole lot yet, anything is something... i think. Perhaps im way over my head now, but this trail is interesting... in some form, anyway.
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