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  1. DigitalTrig

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    I can no longer portscan. I am getting a "network error, try again" error.

    I believe the command I am entering is correct. (I substituted the IP for one as to provide no spoilers)

    >>portscan 123.456.789.123
    network error, try again

    I have also tried a qualified url

    >>portscan intranet.example.com
    network error, try again

    Any ideas why it just stopped? I am on the Blocked Off Mission in the Advanced training.

  2. Balamung

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  3. Anashel

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    Hi there!

    The server has been shutdown for the release of 0.8. As soon as we have the new Alpha, i'll let you know. You will need the new alpha to log-in. Old version will not work anymore.
  4. DigitalTrig

    DigitalTrig New Agent

    Thank you, I will sit tight and wait for the new roll out.
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