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What are we doing with Miller

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  1. He is a threat: send in a Strike Team

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  2. He is a Victim: send in a Rescue Team

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  1. CLY

    CLY Active Agent

    Voting for SAR exposes the team to too much risk, and there's a much greater possibility that we lose the SAR team if Miller is actually hostile.

    Sending a strike team means we lose a lead, but we also don't have an unstable dream-eating timebomb walking around, either.
  2. Couchy

    Couchy Active Agent

    It's a good point. The initial vote is whether he is a threat or not, not the intel he can provide.

    If the notes he's sent are genuine, then I don't think he is. The choir eat people's dreams, and their vessel is put through an apparent painful experience. But the other notes from him suggest that they aren't exactly complicit in this. Either brainwashed or controlled in some way, which would lend to the idea of him and the choir being a victim.

    On the other hand, why all the secrecy? Why the bargaining with intel? Is it because he knows there is no reason to rescue him? He could also just be straight lying to us, just to lure us in.

    I'm still leaving my vote as victim. Just going with my gut feeling from the messages at this point though. I don't think there is something we can point to and say either victim or threat.

    REDSKVLL New Agent

    I agree with victim, the notes are classic cult manipulation 101. He seems exactly like a victim. I'm with our Green Agent as a fellow soc major and someone with a interest in morbid stuff like cults. It's literally textbook.

    However, I think the argument for the other side is: He definitely has some abilities that are threatening due to him being used in the manner the cult did. One could also argue that since it's so text book it could be a charade.

    But I'm operating on he's a victim, personally, so to get me to vote as threat: What is the worst case scenario if he's innocent and still has these powers? It could be a major compromise.
  4. HSF3232

    HSF3232 Active Agent

    .... You know what, Jacob... Jacob never wanted this. I change my mind. If you have a heart and you do vow to protect the public, i suggest you also vote to consider Jacob a threat. Even if he never intended to be a threat, his power is something to be.... worried about.
    If Jacob had control over his powers and was not unstable, i would think otherwise. That sick of a gun. I SWEAR TO GOD. I swear we will end WC. I don't care anymore if Jacob does get rescued. In fact it wont happen, the chances of failure is too much. We already lost when we played this game, lets make the most out of it.
    I'm not doing this because of the fact that he wont have any Intel, I know Jacob is not a villain. I know his intent is legit. But he can not prove that he will have any control over his powers. In fact, he might as well be calling out, to... end his pain. I'm sorry. To those who wanted to save him, there is no hope.
    -- Agent HSF3232.
    Those who play with the devil's toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword. R. Buckminster Fuller
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    REDSKVLL New Agent

    I hate to say it, HSF, but I think I might actually agree with you. Very possibly considering changing my vote, the question is do we want to be a ruthless agency that will neutralize threats at the cost of ethics or if we view individuals as part of the society we are trying to protect?
  6. mr.mulcahey

    mr.mulcahey New Agent

    Send in a rescue team.

    He wrote nothing that leads me to believe that he is probably a bad guy.

    Take him in and question/interrogate him.

    If he is a bad guy, we will then find out and will be able to:

    *deal with him harshly; or

    *turn him and use him as a double agent.

    He sounds like he knows a lot about what we want to know.
  7. Mechcondrid

    Mechcondrid Senior Agent

    i notice no one is seeing the third (and somewhat obvious) option; which is by the way something that is used in actual SAR ops where the intentions and circumstances are not able to be confirmed: send a full strike team with orders to recon, and if necessary detain and extract. this provides the ability to respond as needed with full force if the subject is determined by the on site CO to be an immediate threat while also allowing the team to provide better protection to themselves and the subject in the case that he is deemed an asset rather than a threat.

    the force profile obviously has a larger footprint and may garner further attention but with the added capability of being equipped for an assault rather than strictly SAR this can be mitigated to a more acceptable probability of casualties.

    this would also (if it ends up being the case) allow for more operational flexibility in regards to unforeseen circumstances and the discovery of either previously unknown on site HVTs or intel and the elimination or extraction of these.

    since stealth is not a primary concern in either proposed actions the negatives for a full strike team are limited to the increased force profile.
  8. Lickintoad

    Lickintoad New Agent

    The guy's name is Whitechapel. He's taken the name of an area of London where a serial killer taunted the police by sending them letters.

    If so, then leaving Miller alive where we can get to him could be the same sort of thing. He's taunting us. He thinks we'll never catch him. Miller is a living Whitechapel letter, and he may not have any leads.

    But he might. And I'd rather have that information than not.
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  9. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    he used to be a civilian, you really think he can and will spy for us?

    if he is really innocent he's terrified and wants to get out asap, if he isnt our rescue team would get killed in the process
    there is no time to turn him
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  10. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Since it seems everyone has forgotten I remind you: We made a deal with Vanessa Baup, we gave her the MONKEYPAW so she could "ascend" and we now have an iterdimensional "ally" we are unable to communicate with. If we recover Miller we could "make him useful" and maybe communicate with Baup. This could give us a great ace in the hole, which we could use for the greater good, and also maybe to get some payback while we are at it.
    I sincerely think a rescue attempt is a worthwhile choice, no matter the cost.
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  11. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    i dont recall her becoming an interdimensional ally, sure she helped us one time, because we give her the monkeypaw, but i remember her also being the one to literally reaise hell in london. and running off, after that
  12. Ception

    Ception Active Agent

    Well, tbh if we were to off Miller, then what other clues do we have on Whitechapel???
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  13. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

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