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What are we doing with Miller

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  1. He is a threat: send in a Strike Team

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  2. He is a Victim: send in a Rescue Team

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  1. Thryn

    Thryn Active Agent

    Sure killing Jacob is the easy way. But we aren't looking for the easy way.

    Our ethic is the only thing that separate us from Morpho, isn't it ?
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  2. ShadesOfNier

    ShadesOfNier Active Agent

    In that case we are in a no-win scenario. We either do what he wants or do what he wants with benefits (for him). All this started because of Miller's signal, we don't have any other substantial lead to follow.
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  3. HSF3232

    HSF3232 Active Agent

    Here is my view on the situation:
    Considering what has been happening in the op so far, none of the options displayed in the poll would be a good idea. Mainly because of the following things:
    Jacob Miller has said he was part of some choir. This "choir" may have already been converted and turned into Dream Eaters. Considering we do not have a countering artifact to cure the "choir" of these powers, our only option is to relieve them of there pain and burden of the powers they have been given. On the other hand, there might be a counter to the artifact that WC is using but we have not discovered it yet. Capturing the "choir" quickly and destroying all evidence is also a possibility. Recalling that The Black Watchmen is able to conduct experiments to learn more about an entity, this is also a possibility.
    However, we have not fully established the identity of Jacob Miller. This could be another trap. So taking any caution we can is a very very wise move.

    Therefor, i do suggest we deploy a strike team. However! Concerning the case we are in, we capture the "choir", Eliminate anyone else found at the site that ain't The Black watchmen (Including WC) and swipe and clean the evidence. This makes sure of the following things:
    1. All evidence is removed and cleaned from the site while still holding some evidence for research. We can then research into the "choir"'s abilities and how to cure them.
    2. Due to all evidence being removed and hopefully WC eliminated, this puts a end to this messy case and can be closed tidily.
    That's my view on the situation. Any thoughts?
    -- Agent HSF3232
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  4. Leukocyte

    Leukocyte Active Agent

    Killing Jacob is the sensible and logical way. He's of no valuable use, he's incredibly dangerous, and tied to a project that has already claimed lives. If you can point me to any proof he might know anything useful, any proof that he isn't just the bait on a fishing hook, any proof that he is anything but a loose end to yet another extremely deadly scheme, by all means provide it.

    You cant trust a word he has said, so I'm completely at a loss as to where this proof will come from.
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  5. MayhemTheory

    MayhemTheory New Agent

    Committing to rescuing him could lead us to more leads on White chapel. Meaning Miller could tell us "IF" Miller has any recollection of the events that went on.
  6. HSF3232

    HSF3232 Active Agent

    That's why i said to capture the "choir" for research. More information means more knowledge and awareness. Also, talking with the people in discord, Jacob was unknowingly recruiting people for a bad thing without knowing about it. Now Jacob is trying to stop WC. Capture the victims and the "choir", eliminate the rest including WC and we could clean this all up. Close the case with discretion. Jobs done. Right?
  7. Jason

    Jason Active Agent

    Regardless of how this goes, the site will be sanitized per Dispatch
  8. MayhemTheory

    MayhemTheory New Agent

    I Agree personally more info more leads.
  9. Spieo

    Spieo Active Agent

    Strike team does not necessarily include killing him, I vote we send in a strike team equipped with the necessary equipment to eliminate him if needed, If we send in a strike team we can capture the threat that is Mr. Miller.

    This whole thing reeks of a trap, and we need to approach the situation with the caution that warrants
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  10. riningear

    riningear Division-79


    Here are the things I am assuming are true.

    Miller is likely alive. I believe he wouldn't be able to garner such energy to contact us otherwise.

    Miller is absolutely being held captive.

    From my foundational experience and education in cults (read: I'm a sociology major and I took a class once on this), this sounds very much like a classic cult issue. The dilemmas, personal morals and even behaviors line up perfectly with those such as the People's Temple. Survivor's guilt is a real thing.

    He is a lead and a source of information for a very dangerous, deadly asshole.

    What I DO NOT know:

    If Whitechapel is coercing him, or interfered at some point in his process. This is vital to the question.

    If the drugs from our research have been applied in a deeper/more thorough manner; we discovered that it makes those affected combative.

    The relevance of Carcosa.

    MY VOTE:

    Take him in. Treat him as a "victim." And, more importantly, a lead.

    That is important. He is a lead. He can help us figure out how to deal better with Whitechapel - even if Jacob becomes aggressive, we should at least attempt to contain him. We need every ounce of information we can get. NEED.

    And an aggressive drug should wear off soon; if we do vote to save him, the team needs to keep this possibility in mind.

    We allegedly have the protections against the phenomenon. Since I survived this goddamn house on an amulet, I believe TBW can handle Jacob and likely others with uptmost professionalism.

    We have handled much worse. We can handle some dream-eaters.

    Unless, of course, the artifact Carcosa has much more in store. But we need to take that risk.

    Will post again if I have more to say.
  11. ShadesOfNier

    ShadesOfNier Active Agent

    But why would WC leave such lead just hanging there besides baiting us ? If he has a mole on our side, he has the same infos as us. He would have been able to act before us.
  12. MayhemTheory

    MayhemTheory New Agent

    Yes he could have acted before us. But maybe he wants to see where we head first??
    I don't know anymore actually
  13. Steelgramps

    Steelgramps Gold Member

    I agree with agent Riningear, we can't pass on a chanse for more info.
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  14. Raze Evernoth

    Raze Evernoth Active Agent

    Regardless of whether he with with White Chapel or not, he DID say there were others with him. If we wait too long, they could die too! I say we MUST send in a rescue team, so we can save Miller and the others! Who agrees with me?
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  15. Koukei

    Koukei New Agent

    Extract what information you can from him and eliminate a threat and prevent any future recourse. Once you have what's needed, and it's confirmed the best course is to eliminate any connection to Mr. Whitechapel and everyone with a history of working with him.
  16. Spieo

    Spieo Active Agent

    Rescue team assumes willing targets to extract, on new intel from Dispatch, if they encounter resistance that will turn out poorly for the team
  17. ShadesOfNier

    ShadesOfNier Active Agent

    But can the Choir be saved to begin with ? Why would he just leave us the possibility to take them ?
  18. HSF3232

    HSF3232 Active Agent

    Considering the case, we have no choice really. I agree with Raze. Our only chance to learn about our threat is now. WE NEED to rescue them!
  19. RandolphCarter23

    RandolphCarter23 Active Agent

    I say rescue the victim, why torture him more after Whitechapel has done psychologically to him
  20. Seshemw

    Seshemw Active Agent

    How on earth can we get information from people leaking Evil Plots, if we're going to designate them "hostile, kill them even if they did help"? Word gets around. We have done many, many questionable things (sometimes even for the greater good). Designating an ally (even if of convenience) an enemy after they work to get us credible info on a genuine hostile actor ramping up a Plan, will only be to our detriment on all levels from operational to logistical.
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