Please re-enable ctrl+c

Discussion in 'Share Your Feedback' started by Radeon, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent


    please re-enable the cancel command (ctrl + c). It is quite useful to abort a scan. Now you have to close the windows and open a new one to start a new scan.
    Where is the point in removing it?

  2. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    I realized ctrl+x does the trick. But still ctrl+c got revoked without notice. A simple changelog is greatly appreciated.
  3. Palatura

    Palatura Active Agent

    The point in removing Ctrl+C as a cancel command is that it clashes with another very popular keyboard shortcut - Copy. And when you were trying to copy a subdomain from a still ongoing scan, you were likely to cancel that scan, being forced to redo it.
  4. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    I see, but I experienced the tab completion as performing very well. So no need for copy and paste. On top of it you need to switch from keyboard to mouse in order to perform a copy and pasteā€¦

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