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Discussion in 'General' started by Daedalus, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Daedalus

    Daedalus Division-79

    Classes may be on the backburner, but playstyle will be a big factor! So, how do you plan to play The Black Watchmen?

    Personally I'm one for field work. The hacking, cracking, and research is all well and good, but nothing pleased me more in games like Ingress then having to put boots on the ground. I'm more looking forward to the chance to do this in Black Watchmen.
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  2. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I'm a Scientist in real life, a Scientist in the video and will continue to Science for the fate of the world. I'm all about the research and connections.

    I'd like a clarification by Anashel, too. What will the state of the classes be after the Kickstarter, since they appeared prominently in the teaser video?
  3. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    I'd have to say it's the brainstorming aspect of it all; being faced with a problem, or set of information, that you are either unfamiliar with, and have to research as part of the process, or something you are familiar with - bouncing ideas off all the other sleep deprived sods, revelling in the rising insanity.

    Nothing beats that sudden realization and sense of exploratory discovery made with the awesome folks who helped you - and whom you helped - find the solution.

    As such, I reckon my natural playstyle, if not preferred playstyle, is that of going down roads less travelled; researching an avenue until it's closed, more often than not balancing my choice of avenue between personal interest, and what isn't being looked into at the time.
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  4. Ruke Unlimited

    Ruke Unlimited Senior Agent

    I'm most interested in the field work, but also in the research portion. I'm not a big one for solving puzzles, but I do enjoy adventures into the middle of nowhere from time to time. I also consider myself to have a pretty wide knowledge base, so I'll probably be shooting for somewhere between "Sniper/Soldier" and "Scientist". I'm really hoping to bring about a "Field Researcher" subclass... :D
  5. Vismal

    Vismal Gold Member

    Following and relaying orders (as I see fit). Do what the whole needs me to do.
  6. Vicarne

    Vicarne Senior Agent

    I sit in front of a computer all day so I could go either way with research (why get up if I can be useful on my butt) or get out in the field. It will really depend on how the mission strikes me.
  7. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I find that I'm usually a bit behind the curve in the research of references/cross-references and virtual evidence trails. So far, I've enjoyed looking for clues and their meaning buried in plain sight. Following along the evidence trails discovered by those clever at doing that, analyzing it to see if there is something that got missed.

    But, all of that said, that is all sitting at a monitor with limited opportunities for suspending disbelief. I like immersion (is why I can spend hours working a complicated problem). So, I'd really like some field work - something that isn't really alternate reality but blurs the lines between reality and fiction so it becomes augmented reality.
  8. Mandraw

    Mandraw Senior Agent

    I'm a Jack of all Trades guy , so i could do anything...

    What I really like to do , is intaking knowledge, about anything ... I really like to do me a bit of hacking (here again , as a Jack , I'm not the best but i know a lot )
    I'd say I'm a kind of Scout/Tech Specialist
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  9. Vorticity

    Vorticity Senior Agent

    I like puzzles. Especially solving them. Even more if that helps in advancing a story or a mission, and that's what got me hooked in the teaser ARG.

    Given that, since last August, I've walked over 1000 km's holding the Ingress scanner, travelling to Amsterdam, Vienna and Berlin to play, staying on an Dutch Island for two days to help our team in London... I guess I'm no stranger to footwork either ;)
  10. MochiInvasion

    MochiInvasion Senior Agent

    On a personal level, what I do best is actually organising (lol) followed by research, so I'm definitely 'scientist'/support classes. That being said, I'm not opposed to fieldwork, and honestly I think I'd be happy to try out a variety of playstyles until I find one that suits me best.
  11. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    I'd say I fall between Sniper and Cybertech. I tend to work from the sadows and it's easy for me to move unnoticed. I also have some skill in coding, code breaking and hacking. So I would like a mix of field and net hunting in my future agent live.
  12. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Active Agent

    I really don't have a lot of useful ARG skills, but I am a bit of a community person.
    I am honestly just here for the story and the experience. :)
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  13. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    I can watch paper for days...does that count as a skill? Elsewise I am ok at research and know quite a bit about symbolism and semiotics.
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  14. thatangryviking

    thatangryviking Viking Turkey | The Bot Slayer

    I'm pretty sure when we watched the paper wall it was a skill.. Even more sure that my place of employment thought I had lost my mind, but yet, they still promoted me..
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  15. Vomher

    Vomher Senior Agent

    Scientist. Due to real life, this is naturally the best fit. Much like Nikel, my place is in the wondrous world of science.

    I'm rather new to ARGs on top of that, so I don't have much skill in codebreaking, hacking, etc, but I can research and I can pretend the things I do know may someday come in handy.
  16. Shahmeran

    Shahmeran Senior Agent

    I'd just like to be around when a mission pops up for once... :p

    I think my skills are mainly in research. If I do manage to be around when something historical comes up, I might make a connection quickly that other people aren't aware of since that's my actual area of expertise.
    Also lateral thinking, though that might end up producing more wild guessing and false trails than actual useful information sometimes.

    I'd love to do some fieldwork too, except that I'm not really near anywhere major, so there might not be much opportunity for that.

    (edit for spelling >.<)
  17. imef

    imef Senior Agent

    Truth be told, I love pretty much every aspect of the ARG. I love solving puzzles of all sorts. I am also interested in hacking and code breaking but sadly I still lack in skill for those. One morning, I planned on going to Starbucks to get some WiFi (I don't have any at home). Just as I arrived, I noticed the "This is not the end" mail. That quickly led me to the Rosenberg Clinic website. I had initially planned on leaving at midday but in the end I had to leave when Starbucks closed at 23:00. Needless to say I returned as soon as possible the following morning.

    I guess I do better in research though. In my studies I acquired a few useful reflexes when browsing. I still do try to do some hacking and code breaking (I remember writting quite a collection of scripts in the past ARGs).
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