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  1. ccik

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    ok, i'm assuming the following:
    Dispatch said that they are relaying information from Agents in the field. It also sounded like dispatch was in a hurry to get the messages out. Which in terms brings me to the conclusion that the field agents where also in a hurry, while they were passing the messages.
    That means, the agents must have memorized the code beforehand. I think we should treat in more like the First example in the training manual, although i can't remember it exactly.
    Or short: Numbers refer to Agents or Suspects, hell/tell to activities.

    Or, this assumtion could be terrible wrong, who knows
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  2. Medenor

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    It could be a good explanation. In this case, we have to figure out the meaning of these encrypted messages (I don't know how we could at this point of the suspected mission). We have not enough informations to cross them
  3. thatangryviking

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    Could we be looking at the numbers wrong? Thought I had today, was that if this was something else, 19,nineteen, and XIX are all different ways to write that number, I would assume that we are more than likely not going to mean XIX in the field when giving reports, but there is a chance it could be the word nineteen rather then the number. Might be a red herring to think this way, but may open another door.
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  4. Timothy Foster

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    That's what I've been working on. Things I have considered on that front:

    -- Hell and Tell refer to directions (forward/backward, left/right, etc.)

    -- They refer to different cultural references (Hell for Hellenic, for example)

    -- They refer to specific events common to the dates in question
  5. atunacat

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  6. Priathic

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    Okay, so I just got a phone call (from Malta) saying 'Agent Agent. Listen up, i have not time, I have updated the Rosenburg Files, there is message waiting for you wherever it is you idiots do you work.' The message was in a Russian accent.
  7. roykela

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    And it was a number from Malta.
  8. Ashielf

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    I have also received a call from Malta. The exact message was:
  9. riningear

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    I think these were the guys who were keeping track of Rosenberg. If you haven't gotten his message, you probably should give your work station a check...

    (It's a lead-in to Mission 7, the message was the one in the client. c: )
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